Ask Dr. Dot


Dear Dr. Dot

Me and my best friend decided to treat my boyfriend to a special birthday present. Since it’s

basically every guys dream to have two women at once in bed, I thought it’s best to do it with

someone I know and not some stranger (don’t want any diseases). It was so hot licking my girlfriends

tiny pussy until she came in my mouth, and all the while having  my boyfriend watch while he pleasured

himself (the only rule was he couldn’t touch her, he could just watch). It was super exciting but now

my best friend is acting different, like she wants more of me. Since that night, she flirts with me and is super

clingy. How can I tell her it was just a one time deal without losing my friend? I had fun

but I am not gay, or even Bi. I am starting to think she is though.

Confused Connie

Dear Connie,

Most women have at least kissed another female and can lick pussy better than most men can.

 Why? Because we have one.

She has probably never had it done correctly before, this is the problem. I can’t stand it when people beat around the bush,

just meet with her in a cafe and tell it like it is. Tell her you love your boyfriend;  still love her as

a friend, but you are not a muff diver by trade. Help her learn to direct her next conquest when it comes to oral sex.

Men can do it as good as a woman if they have been with a verbally direct woman. She just needs to tell the next

person who goes down on her how to do it exactly like she likes it and (hopefully) her infatuation with your magic mouth will



Dear Dr. Dot,

I am addicted to porn, is there a cure?

Wanking Wilbur

Dear Wanker,

No. You could get a job (or girlfriend)  that keeps you so busy that you won’t have so much time for your "addiction".

Hi Dr. Dot,

 I am a happily married thirty nine year old man. My wife and I are
largely compatible on a lot of levels-intellectual, emotional, sexual, and
social. She is a fantastic woman. Reasonable, tolerant, giving, and, under her
respectable facade, lies a freaky little freak. My only consistent complaint has
to do with the fact that she appears to be unwilling or unable to maintain any
level of physical fitness. She is still attractive to me, but the lack of "tone"
is starting to be bothersome. This is one of the few topics about which she is
less than sane. This bothers me on several levels. On one hand I want her to be
healthy and happy in her own skin, and it seems she’s happier when she’s fit. On
the other hand I am in pretty good shape for a guy pushing forty, and would like
to come home to someone who looks pretty good naked. Any suggestions on how I
can encourage her without pissing her off? thanks, Fit to Be Tied


Dear Fit,

Only thing you can do is get active with her and fill the house with healthy
foods. Mentioning it to her will only make her eat more and resent you!
Get busy, ask her to walk with you, go swimming, fuck more often, give her a
health club membership for Valentines day, things like that, nothing to obvious.
OR, you could shock her into getting into shape- since she  is so "freaky" set up a
video camera and film some of your sex sessions, and then when you both watch it
together, she will finally see what you have to look at, a flabby version of
your hot wife…
xo Dr. Dot