Ask Dr. Dot


It’s been 3 years since my best friend dumped her boyfriend. She is living with another guy now and is madly in love. Her ex has started courting me and I do find him attractive, but before I fuck him, I was wondering is it in bad taste if I do? I really find him attractive and he adores me too but I am afraid this will dampen my friendship with my best friend. Should I hide it? Ask her? Avoid the whole idea?



This all depends on how much she loved him and who dumped who. If she dumped him, chances are, she won’t care. But if he dumped her and she was hurt, I wouldn’t even go there. There are just some men you shouldn’t put your hands on, no matter how many years have gone by after the break up.

You could always ask her but make sure it’s in person so you can see her reaction. If she even flinches, and this is indeed a good friend, forget him. Men can come and go, but a good girlfriend is forever. I personally can’t stand females who put cock before friendship. Meow.


I have been seeing this new girl for a few weeks and last night we finally go down to business and I went down on her. She smelled and tasted like vinegar! I quickly got my face out of there and we did end up having amazing sex, but EW! That smell. What if she asks why I don’t want to go down on her? How can a man mention that without getting slapped or dumped? Is that some disease?

Grossed out Gary

A. Believe it or not, the "vinegar" (slightly acidic) smell/taste is that of a healthy vagina. When it smells like fish, then you have to worry (and go on a hunger strike). Think of it as eating a healthy salad, with vinaigrette dressing. Some folks can change their smell and taste by eating more fruit and veggies and avoiding cigarettes/coffee/alcohol in large quantities. Mentioning such a thing to a partner is never easy, especially in the beginning, but if the smell/taste is so bad, it is Mother Nature’s way of telling "avoid breeding with this person". Try showering with her and then munch on her, if the taste/smell still bothers you, time to eat out somewhere else.