Ask Dr. Dot (How to make her orgasm through penetration/Wet nursin’ it)

Dear Dr. Dot,

For some reason, I can't make my girlfriend come by penetration. Giving her oral 
gets the job done, but it takes ages and my jaw hurts after and I get a rash from 
her stubble. Anyhow, it makes me feel inadequate when she complains to me about it.
Does this mean I am not good in bed? Am I missing out on some sort of secret? She is 
only 18, maybe it's her fault! We need help please.
Dear Jimmy,
First,throw some blankets on the floor, beds are too soft, she may never feel you properly on
a soft mattress and your cock will seem bigger and harder when you do it on the floor. 
Have her get on top of you, insert yourself, then put loads of 'KY Jelly' or your favorite  
lube on your lower abs, from the cock up to the navel button, it all has to be wet (hopefully
you don't shave that area, as stubble will scratch her clit big time!). Grab her ankles, and 
slide her back and forth like a cheese grater (she is the cheese, you are the grater) her clit 
will protrude in this position and rubbing it up against your lower abs should make her cum. 
Talk dirty to her, tell her how fucking sexy she is, how you REALLY want her to cum all over you
this will help her get there. Try to lick her tits while she is on top, (your hands will be busy 
holding her ankles and grinding her into your lower abs) so use your mouth to lick and suck her 
nipples. Your reaching up to suck her breast will make your stomach muscles harder which makes 
it easier to rub her clit properly. This really works but may be hard if your belly is out of 
shape, but if you really want your girl to cum all over you and scream for joy, stick with it.

Good luck
Dr. Dot
Dear Dr. Dot,
 Is it true that if someone sucks on my boobs for a few weeks that I will produce milk? 
Freaky Fran
Dear Fran,

Yes, it is true. Even if you are not pregnant, if the breast are sucked on a few times a day for a few weeks, the breast will start producing milk. The suction makes the body think there must be a baby around and it produces milk. You would have to find someone to suck on your tits at least 3 times a day and for 20 minutes each time in order for that to work. In the very far past, some women had this done to wet nurse. Upper class ladies who had a baby but didn't want to breast feed would hire a wet nurse (a woman to nurse their baby). Sometimes the wet nurse had a baby of her own, but not always. It is really hard to get pregnant while breast feeding, but it is not a reliable form of birth control, so I wouldn't try this if that is what you had in mind. It certainly won't do you any harm, but it is a tedious task to get the milk to arrive, but some might see it as a good challenge and worth all hard work. Let me know how it comes out (pun intended).

Dr. Dot