Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

I just recently started dating a male of the Asian Persuasion. Why didn’t anyone ever warn me that their Pubes are Poker Straight??  What do I do….how can, I look at this with a Poker Straight Face??  Ugh, please give me some advice on dealing with this hairy situation??

Kinky Sue


Dear Kinky Sue,

Yes, I was shocked when I massage my first Asian client and saw them jump nude onto the massage table. I thought, hmmm, maybe she put that hair straightening crap in her pubes. But then I massaged another few and same deal. I am pretty sure they are the only race in which the hair on the head matches the hair on the naughty bits. You could make it fun and ask him to let you corn row them or maybe even perm them, but I doubt he will be amused. Leaving someone over pubic hair would be really shallow and you may burn in hell for that one. “Here lies Sue; she died in search of a kinky Afro”.

Dr. Dot



Dear Dr. Dot,

I sometimes feel like my girlfriend doesn’t appreciate me at times. I do a lot for her; I buy her what ever she wants. I pay for her when we go out, and I’m a better boyfriend then the others she’s had (the others were disgusting scummy pigs). Most of the time she talks to me as if I am insignificant to her. Please help me. Thank You.



Dear Rodney,

Sadly, whoever loves the most in the relationship, suffers the most (usually, not always). Sounds to me like you love her more than she loves you and she has the power. Believe it or not, if you were in a relationship where the girl loved you more than you loved her and she doted on you like you now dote on her, you may get bored. You should NOT let her push you around or disrespect you.

She could be subconsciously testing you, to see just how far she can push you. You need to show her just how far you can be pushed, which should have been done at the beginning of the relationship. You were probably too nice in the beginning like most of us are in hopes of winning someone over, but you set the stakes too high and now she is misbehaving like a bad puppy.

Be firm the next time you feel taken advantage of and say “listen, I’m not going for that” or “I have just about reached my limit with this situation (or with your behavior)”.

Another point I want to make, is you say her former guys were bad to her, but maybe she likes that, maybe she feels she doesn’t deserve such good treatment and resents you for treating her better than she deserves to be treated. That’s human nature for you. In the end, do not take bad treatment from anyone. You have to ask yourself, do you like being mistreated? If you do, then stay with her and let her continue, if not, you may have to tell her “change or I am out of here”.

I hope this helps. There is a great book you can buy called “How to win the love you want” by Thomas W. McKnight & Robert H. Phillips, I highly recommend it, but hide it from her at all costs!

Dr. Dot