London bound

I am leaving for London today and am super excited about going to Live 8. Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, The Who, U2 and more will play on Saturday and my hotel is rite near the gig, super happy! I have waited my whole life to see Roger Waters play with the rest of Pink Floyd. I mean, it would be the BOMB if Syd played to. I would probably faint.

Removed Jasmine’s picture and am now banned from ever posting her picture again. Oh well, just can’t help it, I’m a proud mom and wanted to show her off a bit. 

 While we’re on the topic, I am thinking of stopping the whole blog thing. I mean, I am so tired of hearing people bitch and moan at me about mentioning them in the blog, or posting their picture, it is no fun for me to blog anymore, like walking on eggshells.  Big bad Dot, writing about people in her vicious blog. What a bitch I am eh? To those who sneered and moaned about being mentioned in the blog, don’t worry, it will never happen again. (I am NOT talking about Jasmine by the way). Talking about people who may never be written about otherwise. I may have found them interesting or cute, maybe funny so I write about them. Sorry, but I am a writer and love to share my experiences, life is too short to take things so fucking seriously. Lighten the fuck up k?

Honestly, I may stop blogging soon, I will let you know when. Just sick of the fucking negative feed back. I do NOT like being told what to do, what to write, what to wear and what not to write/wear/do. I feel like this is a military world. Too many rules and regulations. Guess I am a free bird at heart and had NO idea this blog was doing so many people so much fucking harm.

I am thinking about making a blog that you can only read with a password. If you want to keep reading the blog, write me and I will then give you the password, then I can be more free with my writing. I feel like RUSHDIE, hello!!

May I burn in hell for blogging. 

“I’m just a soul who’s intentions are good, oh lord please don’t let me be misunderstood”