Making the best of it…

You may think I am fickle when I say I am getting used to being here in Berlin again. Well, almost. Tomorrow is the Christopher Street Day parade, which has to be the biggest gay parade in the world, a reminder that single, straight women are a minority here in Berlin.

But the weather is so gorgeous and I do live across from one of the coolest parks in Berlin, “Viktoria Park“. I rented a car and drive around blasting Led Zepp, AC/DC, Beatles and Zappa tunes, shocking the Germans. Not sure if the classic rock shocks them or if it’s the loudness.

I was driving by “Schloss Charlottenburg” the other evening and slammed on the brakes. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it looked:

How gorgeous is that?

This past Tuesday I was in the Hard Rock cafe doing karaoke and met the cutest twins I have ever seen, check them out:

They were celebrating their last day of ‘high school’, how sweet!

Last Sunday I brought Jasmine and one of her best friends Hannah to see Coldplay. The show was great, but I was kinda bored as I didn’t get to massage them, they had no time at all (in a hurry to get back to Gwyneth and Apple most likely). But  Jasmine’s friend Louis was there, a tall ginger haired kid (age 17) who had moved to Berlin from England a year ago. Louis was there with his dad, Adam. Adam plays guitar for the Sisters of Mercy. Adam is a single father and very easy on the eyes. Light blue eyes, tall, strong English accent, typical British dark red lips, I am just sorry I don’t have a picture of him to show you. Anyhow, us parents got stuck hanging out together as the teenagers wanted NOTHING to do with us lol!

(told you it was merely a matter of time before Jasmine forced me to remove the picture).

^ Jasmine, me and Hannah.

Jasmine HATES being photographed (hard to believe she is my kid rite?). She is wearing my “Keep me Happy” Keith Richards shirt in this shot. She says it pisses her off wearing this shirt to school , as all the kids ask if that is Jim Morrison. She’s like NO dammit! She is really tired in this shot, as she partied ‘into’ her birthday as the Germans do. They start the night before their birthday and at midnight, when it’s official your birthday, they freak out and celebrate. She didn’t get much sleep. I am sure she will force me to remove this picture as soon as she gets wind of it. But as long as I can, I will have it on here, I am proud of her and like to show her off, but she doesn’t like it. DOH!