Tattoo you (again)

On my right ankle, I have a couple tattoos, one is a butterfly and it used to sit on top of two little flowers and a lady bug. However, I wanted a picture of my favorite turtle “Spice” on there instead, to cover up the flowers. This did NOT work out as planned. No one could figure out what the hell it was and it kind of rubbed off while rollerblading.


Today I am going to “Last Writes” tattoo shop, which is said to be the best in NYC to finally get this fucking mess taken care of. The tattoo artist (Dan) will put a giant, colorful tiger lilly tattoo over the turtle. This is the most painful area to get a tattoo (that and the lips).

So I shall be screaming from around 5pm to 8pm tonight, and it’s “nobody’s fault but mine”.

I will take pictures and get back to you, show you the results. Cross your fingers will ya?