Show your love on Valentines Day (love for the planet)

Dear Earth Activist,
Below is a letter from my fellow NRDC Board Member Robert Redford.
Please read his letter and take action.
Thank you,
Leonardo DiCaprio

No one voted on Election Day to destroy the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But President Bush is now claiming a mandate to do exactly that. Congressional leaders are pushing for a quick vote that would turn America’s greatest sanctuary for Arctic wildlife into a vast, polluted oil field. Even worse, they are planning to avoid public debate on this devastating measure by hiding it in a must-pass budget bill.

Please click HERE to send a message telling your U.S. senators and representative to reject this sneak attack on the Arctic Refuge.

AND while you’re at it:

Bush’s air pollution plan is a sweetheart deal for polluters and is on a fast track in the Senate.

Don’t let Bush and his polluting allies weaken the Clean Air Act. The so-called “Clear Skies” Initiative will be disastrous to the public’s health — it would roll back protection from dangerous soot and smog, eliminate safeguards for our national parks, allow increased emissions of toxic mercury, and completely ignore the threat of global warming. Air pollution from power plants alone contributes to an estimated 30,000 premature deaths, hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks, and tens of thousands of hospitalizations for respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses each year. Everyone deserves air that is safe to breathe.

Your Senators need to hear from you right away to prevent this unprecedented attack on the Clean Air Act.
Tell your U.S. Senators today to oppose any plans to make our air dirtier and more dangerous! …..
See full petition below 


AND Help stop Canada’s Cruel and Senseless Seal Hunt!     

Dear Dr. Dot,

We’ve all seen the baby harp seal pictures — adorable
dark eyes staring out at us benevolently from pillowy
white fur. But cruelty season is fast-approaching in
Canada. Sign the petition:

“(Well, right about that time people
A fur-trapper (who was strictly from commercial)
Had the unmitigated audacity to jump up from behind my igloo (peekaboo) )
And he started into whippin’ on my favorite baby seal
With a lead-filled snowshoe)*

I said, with a
With a lead filled snowshoe
He said, “Peekaboo”
I said, with a
With a lead filled snowshoe
He said, “Peekaboo”
He went right upside the head of my favorite baby seal
he went “whap” with a lead-filled snowshoe, and
he hit him on the nose and hit him on the fin, and he
that got me just about as evil as an eskimo boy can be. So I bent down
and I reached down, and I scooped down and I gathered up a generous
mitten-ful of the deadly *YELLOW SNOW*

The deadly yellow snow, from right there where the huskies go!

Whereupon I proceeded to take that mittenful of the deadly yellow snow
crystals and rub it all into his beady little eyes with a vigorous
circular motion hitherto unknown to the people of this area, but destined
to take the place of the mudshark in your mythology
here it goes,the circular motion, now Rub It! ”   FRANK ZAPPA