Ask Dr. Dot

* A shout out to my younger brother Chester the 4th, it’s his birthday today. Happy Birthday Chet! Love you!

Dear Dr. Dot,

I recently got a new job and have one of the sexiest bosses around. She is really attractive and has this amazing sexual energy. My problem is that I am a married, but would just love that one experience with my boss. I am not totally sure if she has the same attraction but she does seem to like me and we do have some really good sexual conversations! Is it worth me trying my luck or should I just leave well alone.

Horny Employee

Dear Horny,

I don’t want to throw your hot fantasy into a cold shower, but this sounds like the most dangerous kind of affair you could have. What if you don’t make her cum? “YOU’RE FIRED!” could be the result.What if you two fall in love? Then you are both in big trouble. If you try and she rejects you, this could be painful to your pride and job. I just don’t see the risk being worth a few naughty hours, but then again, I don’t have a dick. These kind of fantasies are always the hottest, because it involves an unavailable person. Just think about her when you wank and leave it at that. One should never shit where they eat (or work).

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,
after reading your last column, about the Doll, I wonder if you think it’s possible that someone could buy their guy a REAL DOLL (or their gal a MAN DOLL) and then find out that their guy/gal no longer has a need for them? I know the dolls are probably not good conversationalists but they’ll never cheat on you either…

Dear Otto,

If one is so easily replaced by a doll, there was nothing that great going on in the first place. You can only buy such a toy if you are confident in your relationship.  If your partner is always too tired for sex with you because of the doll, then get real busy and know this is just a passing phase. Unless you are dating a horny 22 year old, I wouldn’t worry too much about your partner spending too much time on a lump of rubber, it’s better than he or she cheating on you with a real person.

Dr. Dot