Cross your fingers please

One of my best friends, Petra (wrote about her October 9th 2004 as well as a few other times) is in the hospital in Berlin. I find it hard to write a happy blog, when I know she is suffering. She has been fighting cancer for a few years now, and now it is in her lungs and when I call her, she can barely speak, you can hear her voice is tainted with liquid, like her lungs are full of fluid. I sent Jasmine to visit her on my behalf, to cheer her up.

Jasmine told me she isn’t doing well at all, and I feel frantic being here in NYC and not at her side to be her cheer leader. Petra is so sweet and so cool, one of those incredibly cool people who knows all the stars but never brags about it (like I do for example). She is the real deal and would never hurt a fly. Her twin, Iris, is naturally not taking it well and I wish I could be there to help them out. I will put my tour of Ireland and the UK on hold and just go straight to Berlin as soon as I can. I have tons of work to do here after weeks of just fucking around and playing with Jasmine and Rachel (it was fun, don’t get me wrong!) but I have to work now then head over.

Not sure who is pulling the strings of destiny, but I was hoping you could cross your fingers for Petra and think positive for her, so strong that it could reach her some how. Flood, mud slides, Jasmine is gone,  all that going on and yet, Petra is front and center in my mind.

This is an old shot of Petra and I at the opening of a Film Production company in Berlin.

Petra LOVES Elvis, Sex and the City, eating chocolate, MUSIC, Johnny Depp, and has tons of friends she is always there for.

Like I said, pray or what ever it is you may do, for her ok?