Ask Dr. Dot

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Hi Dr. Dot,

Why is it that when I start seeing a woman and ask them to take an Aids test they take it personally and get defensive and offended? I can’t relax until a girl takes the test for me.



Anyone who refuses to get an Aids test to make their partner relax is hiding something, simply afraid of the truth. This is a major a red flag. Try offering to go together, say “let’s do this together so we can both relax”. Aids test or not, the only real way to stay safe is to always use condoms. If a person is such an ass about such an important thing, why bother?

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

A man I know gave me a very expensive diamond necklace for Christmas and I love it, but I know he is into me much more than I am into him. I am not sure if it’s ok to keep it or not, I mean, I feel obligated to him now. What would you do in my shoes?


Dear Betsy

I would pawn it off and buy the complete Frank Zappa collection on cd and vinyl. No, seriously, if you aren’t gonna sleep with the guy, give it back and say “It’s gorgeous, but I could only accept that if we were a couple, and I’m just doing my own thing right now”. No jewelry is worth the drama of obligation. Save up and get your own bling, the self respect that comes with it makes you radiate self confidence, which is the worlds hottest aphrodisiac.

Dr. Dot