Ask Dr. Dot

Hey Dr. Dot,

My guy and I have been together 8 years. We are both 26 and very happy. He has a male “friend” at work who claims is hetro but I know he is in love with my guy. He even had his name tattooed on his leg in Arabic (so not many could read it) along with a bear, as he knows that is my guy’s favorite animal. In other words, he sticks to him like glue and my guy doesn’t seem to mind, but it PISSES me off! SOS!


Dear Elsa,

This ‘buddy love’ is a popular but annoying problem, especially in big cities, the Gay thing seems to be contagious.  It’s almost as if some puppies haven’t left the pack yet, they are too afraid to. His admirer would like nothing more than to drive you away, so try avoid showing he bothers you. Don’t talk to or about him at all. If this becomes unbearable and your man starts slacking off when it comes to you, either start hanging out with one of your girl friends  and spend most of your time with her, and be extreme about it to show him how it feels OR if that isn’t your style, just tell him you feel that you are interfering with his intense “friendship”  and it’s best that you part ways. Put your love to the test and don’t take any crap, life is too short.

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr.

I met a hot woman 3 weeks ago and we got along perfectly. On the second date, we played pool then went to my place and had great sex. It was so good we even went commando for a while, as in, unsafe sex. So I feel we had a big connection and trust each other. I sent her a text message a week later, no reply. I sent a second one three days after that, still no reply. I don’t want to appear desperate but want to see her again, what can I do?


Dear Peter,

You sent her a text a week later? No wonder she is ignoring you! When will you men learn to be grateful for a good ride? The unsafe part wasn’t too bright! What if you got her pregnant? Pulling out is not safe like most want to believe. In fact, there are enough sperm in pre-cum to populate a small country or spread a nasty dose.  If you plan on ever seeing a chick again, you MUST do the “thank you” call at least 48 hours after the date/sex. Any longer and it is a huge insult to the female. Notice I said call ? Texting is lazy and not good enough for the ‘Thank You’ that great sex deserves. Texting is for casual banter after you know each other or to change a time/date, NOT for the important things. You should learn from this and move on; I think it is too late to win her back. Unless you have a Doctors note saying all of your fingers were broken, forget her. Live and Learn.

Dr. Dot