Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My new boy friend Paul is rather inexperienced in bed but has great equipment. I enjoy giving him oral pleasure, but when I do, he keeps his eyes tightly closed and doesn’t seem to enjoy it. He says he finds it “too dirty”. I know I do it well, as every guy in the past has loved it. Do some men dislike oral sex? Also he runs to the shower right after sex. Could this be his Catholic upbringing or am I losing it?

Tammy    The Bronx

 Dear Tammy,

I have never ever met or heard of a man who dislikes getting oral. Maybe he is gay and doesn’t know it yet. Try pasting a fake mustache on when you go down on him, see if he prefers it like that. His religious upbringing could have a lot to do with it, especially since he showers after. The washing off his ‘sin’ routine may make him feel redeemed. If everything else about him if fine, then just skip the oral; it’s less work for you after all. If he makes you feel dirty doing things you enjoy, tell him you are off to find a naughtier man who will enjoy your eager mouth.

Dr. Dot

Hey Dr. Dot,

I am starting to explore the dreaded anal sex situation with my boy friend. What is the best lubrication and how can we lessen the pain?

Cindy per email


I bet he is a happy camper. Having a gay uncle, I asked him about this and he said, try it in the missionary position first, as in you on the bottom. For some reason this is how beginners usually start out in their chocolate starfish journey. It seems entry in this position is the least painful and keep your hand on his manhood to guide him at the pace you find best. Oh, about the lube, I prefer K-Y Ultra Gel, but as my hero Frank Zappa says: “A girl don’t need No fancy grease,To get herself Some rump release
Any kind Of lube’ll do,Maybe from another Part of you- Lube from the north,
Lube from the south, Take a little slobber, From the side of Your mouth..
Roll it over and Grease it down.. Here come that crazy Screamin’ sound…”

Dr. Dot