Marylin Manson and SLUNT take over NJ

Even though I have met Marylin Manson many times before in Germany; bringing him and his band out to eat at ‘MUTTER’ in Berlin (with Bush and Silver Chair in tow) and I massaged his band many times before, last night was the first time he himself needed a massage.

First things first. The venue, the Starland Ballroom is operated by a good pal of mine Toni who is adored by all of the employees there. It’s like one big family there and I felt at home there with my massage chair. I massaged several people who work there, like caterers, accountants, a couple local roadie guys and then had a break and went out to the audience to have a look at what the Manson crowd looked like in the states. They weren’t as Goth as they are in Germany that’s for sure. They have more color in their faces for one and well, I guess most shop at Hot Topic so it is hard for them to Goth out like the freaky Goth Germans.

I met a group of girls in the Ladies room, who are in a band called “Wicked Little Dolls”. If you click HERE you can check out their site and maybe catch one of their shows. The young guy above with the wild hair had trouble finding a spot to stand in the crowd without poking someone’s eye out. I asked him to come out to the hall to pose.

THEN there is the opening act, SLUNT. I asked Abby, the lead singer unknowingly, “what is the name? huh? Is that like Slut with an N in the middle?” She said, “no, it’s more like Slut and Cunt in one word”. I can imagine, some one was too drunk one night and wanted to scream out “SLUT!” but SLUNT came out instead.

Slunt is from NYC and have been playing together since 2002. Abby plays guitar and sings, she is fucking AWESOME! Massaging her was no trouble at all, her skin was like silk and “her body is a wonderland” as John Mayer would say. Also, she is a big tipper, non-smoker and eats pop tarts backstage. The shirt she is wearing in the shots above is self made! I told her she should sell them off their web site I think many chicks would wear them, they look HOT and are unique. All of their songs were original except Romeo Void’s “I might like you better if we slept together”. The crowd LOVED Slunt!

The female bass player is super hot. She goes over and uses one hand to play Abby’s guitar while abby sings, while it is still around Abby’s neck, hard to explain. NO one was allowed to take pictures inside the gig. A fire marshal even had his digital camera taken away by Manson’s big body guard, Pete (whom I also rubbed down). Fireman or not, rules are rules apparently.

Marylin’s band came on stage about 9:45 pm and were so loud, the whole buidling was vibrating. He had on black ruffled shorts and a long black cape, but changed outfits several times. the line up is new, Johnny 5 (former guitarist) wasn’t there anymore and the drummer Ginger who I used to massage had also been replaced, but Marylin fans don’t give a shit who plays what, they come to see Marylin. He had his fiance’ Dita

in tow and she is pure eye candy, hello! I remember seeing an interview with MM and Dita on TV and they said to keep things hot, Dita wears heels ALL the time, even in the house. When I massaged Marylin, Dita sat a few feet away on the couch busy on her Apple Lap Top. She had a tiny old fashioned hat on and the dress had a corset on it and she looked like a picture. I told her I think she is gorgeous. Marylin said they will spend the whole month of January in Berlin filming and I am there, he wants more massages for me. He would have posed for a picture before the show, but wasn’t up for it after the massage. I think he had a slight case of whip lash from all the head banging he does on stage, his neck was really hurtin’.

I asked for an autograph and none of us had paper, so he ripped the song/set list right of  his dressing room mirror and signed it for me, so now you know what songs they did. I was so excited, I never asked for payment for his massage. I made enough with all the other folks anyways and for me, the experience and thrill is usually better than any cash. Priceless Rock and Roll. It was never about the money when I was 15 and massaging Def Lepp and with rock stars, it still isn’t, it’s about the music and the people who make it. Finding out, what they are really like, and hey, I get all the free food and drink I want in catering  😉

 < speaking of catering, Nick does everything at the Ballroom! Roadie, cook, rigger, but he loves it all!

You didn’t think I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving did you?    

           ps. I am NOT baking Turkey or having all the traditional stuff, I am making pizza from scratch and salad. Eat and be merry, but eat what you want, that is my motto. “I did it my way” will be the theme this year in my place.