Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My boyfriend always wants me to wear heels when we go out, he says it turns him on. They kill my feet, but I do it for him. Is there any happy medium to this torture?



I am so over heels. I only wear them in the bed room and that’s that. Tell him you are on strike and only want to wear them in the house. If he moans about it, buy him some heels in his size and ask him to stand around in them for a few hours and that will be the end of that topic. Men usually don’t care what you wear on your feet, as long as you look cute, a tad sexy and clean. Same with those long fake porno nails girls have glued on, I’ve never heard ONE guy say “oh you should have seen her, her nails/shoes were so HOT!”. Try some cute platforms, they make you taller, look feminine but don’t have that painful downhill form. No love is worth suffering for.

Dear Dr. Dot,

My best friend’s girlfriend keeps hitting on me. She is hot as hell and I want her, but he and I have been buddies for over 20 years. Help me get out of this alive. Don’t use my full name please.


Dear P.C,

First, don’t do it. No trim is worth losing a good friend. Ignore her advances (might be tough) completely. Do NOT mention it to him unless she actually stalks you at work/home. Sometimes people just want what they can’t have, if she really did win  you over, you could never trust her anyways. Get a lover asap and introduce her to your pal and his girl to confirm you are NOT taking the dangerous bait. This is one circumstance you really have to tell your willy that he is not in the driver’s seat, you are the boss this time.