Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,
I am 27, my girlfriend is 19. I work hard all day and when I get home, she wants wild sex. I know, most guys dream of such a girl, but she just keeps me exhausted. I love her and do like making love with her, but it’s too much. How can a man complain correctly about this?
Exhausted in NYC

Dear Exhausted,
Sounds to me like someone has too much free time on her hands or too much energy. I wonder if she is working or at least working out. Get her a membership at a gym or hint that the house needs cleaning (always a turn off) or come right out and tell her you may get bored if you have it every day. Buy her porn and some K-Y jelly and tell her to get busy while you’re at work. If this is your biggest problem…….you are blessed!

Hey Doc,
Are you a real Doctor or not?
Kim Queens, NY

Hey Kim,
According to the following definition, I am:
Doctor: 1. (Verb) to make suitable or improve by altering in a certain way. 2. (Noun) a person skilled in repairing or improving something broken or flawed, or specializing in healing arts. Verb: restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken

Dear Dr. Dot,
My guy complains about his body all the time. He thinks he is overweight but he isn’t. Not a day goes by without him blabbing about how he has to lose weight and his fat stomach. I give him compliments every time hoping he will stop, but it just gets worse. I am going crazy.
Cindy, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Cindy
This is an annoying trend. So many guys whine about their figure, I am about to get sick. I find it boring and feminine when they stress over their waistline. This metro-sexual crap will eat our hetro men alive sooner or later. Tell him not to think out loud when it comes to his weight, as it is a giant turn off. If he keeps it up, say, “You’re right, you are just to dam fat to shag anymore, see ya!” Let me know how it goes.
Dr. Dot