Experts Guide finally hits the shops

Hi all,
I am so excited to let you know that I am featured in the new book, ‘The
Experts’ Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do’
, which
hits shelves today!  The author, Samantha Ettus, compiled brief how-to
essays from 100 of the world’s leading experts and I was invited to
contribute a chapter on How to Massage.
Here are just a few of my fellow Experts: Donald Trump (on how to
negotiate), Jennifer Capriati (on how to hit a tennis ball), Debbie
Fields (on baking a chocolate chip cookie), Bikram Choudhury (on
breathing), Howie Mandel (on how to tell a joke), and Bobbi Brown (on
how to apply lipstick).  From how to flirt to how to speed read, how to
remove a stain to how to swing a golf club, this book is like a Cliffs
Notes on life.
Publisher’s Weekly calls it “a coffee table book of the most practical
sort.”  Tastemakers have raved, “Required reading for anyone aiming to
ace real life.” 
Booklist writes, “We need this book.”
Before it is touted on The Today Show, CNN, etc, I wanted to give you a
heads up so you can pick up a copy.  It’s poised to make a splash! For a
preview of the book and a listing of all 100 experts check out <
Also be sure to sign up the for the mailing list because Samantha is
headed on a 23 city book tour and throwing a bunch of great parties
along the way which she would love to invite you to.
Let me know what you think and, feel free to forward this on to your
Dr. Dot
If you want to pre-order a copy today online (or get some holiday
shopping done early) click below:
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