Passing of Johnny Ramone

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I took this picture of Johnny in a hotel in Providence, R.I in 1984!! (Which means I was WAY too young to be in the Ramones hotel room). Please, by the way, do NOT steal/post this picture anywhere else without my permission. I want to share this with fans but do NOT want to see it sold anywhere or posted without my credit. I was on tour with them, as Joey’s gal and Johnny had the room next to Joey’s. There was a door separating the two rooms and for a while they had it open. Johnny came in to hang for a while and ate a doughnut and drank some milk.

I am sad that he died like he did and that he is gone but I have to say he wasn’t Mr. Friendly and every one who knew the Ramones knows this. Maybe now he is in peace up in Rock and Roll heaven and he and Joey can finally get along.

I am sure Arturo is going mad right now, freaking out. Here is what the press wrote about Johnny’s passing:

Ramone, who had been fighting a five-year battle with prostate cancer, died in his sleep Wednesday afternoon at his Los Angeles home surrounded by friends and family, said the band’s longtime artistic director Arturo Vega.

“He was the guy with a strategy. He was the guy who not only looked after the band’s interest but he also was their defender,” Vega said in a telephone interview from New York.

Ramone, whose birth name is John Cummings, had been hospitalized in June at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Along with his wife, Linda Cummings, Johnny Ramone was surrounded at his death by friends, including Pearl Jam rocker Eddie Vedder, singer Rob Zombie and others. Other friends who gathered at his Los Angeles home included Lisa Marie Presley, Pete Yorn, Vincent Gallo and Talia Shire.

He is survived by his wife and his mother, Estelle Cummings. He will be cremated during a private ceremony.” Associated Press.