Ask Dr. Dot (faking orgasms and truth or dare)

I want to play truth or dare with my boy friend. We live far away from each other and I thought this would be a good way to find out if he has had other girls since we last met. I am afraid of the truth, but want to know. What do you think?
Joy  Lyndhurst, NJ

Dear Joy,

That is a bad  idea. First of all, most people lie when asked such a thing, secondly it will just show him that you are insecure, jealous and nosey (mind find all of these traits  a turn off) and third, if  he told the truth and admitted to doing the dirty with another girl, how would you cope? These things are unimportant except when it comes to safe sex. As long as it is safe sex, what does it matter what the other one does when you are apart? You will never know the truth, just as long as he treats you good when you are together, enjoy the here and now, as that is really the only thing we have.

Dr. Dot

The other night I faked an orgasm with a girl I was with, just to get it over with. Am I a freak? Liar? Asshole? Do other men do this too?



I hear this often, so no, you are not a freak. Lying asshole? Not sure. Everyone lies but lying about an orgasm is counter productive. It backs you into a corner, having to keep up such a show. A lot of men find it hard to cum while wearing a condom or when they are drunk, so some fake it either to save the girl from thinking she sucks in bed or to put an end to the strenuous activity. If you really can’t get “there”, tell her and take off the ‘johnny’ and ask her to give you oral. Otherwise, save it for another time. In this case, honesty is best.

Dr. Dot