Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr.,

I want to be a good boy and have safe sex, but 9 out of 10 times that I do the dirty deed, the condom breaks anyways, so why bother? Any ideas on how to prevent this nightmare from reoccurring?

Seth A.  NYC



That has happened to most of us. I think condoms make a woman dry down there; they seem to rob us of our female lube. First of all, make sure you have enough foreplay to get her moist, and once you are at it, have some K.Y Jelly at hand to make sure the situation stays wet enough to avoid rips but not so wet that the condom slides off. Like Frank Zappa said “Keep it greasy!”

Dr. Dot


Dear Dot,

I am a single white male and will soon inherit A LOT of money. I want to know your opinion on pre-nups. I don’t want to be taken for a ride or be rejected for protecting my future fortune.

Clint  WeeHawken, NJ


Hi Clint,

First of all, why MUST you get married? You can live with a woman and not mention the big bucks. If it is such a huge amount, you can keep it in a Swiss account and it can not be touched. If you insist on marrying, definitely do the pre-nup route and make it VERY fool proof. I personally would avoid mentioning big assets, as you could end up attracting a vulture type lover. “Would you walk away from a fool and his money?” most answer “no”. Good Luck.