Comment from BEAV one of the WCCC DJ’s


July 27, 2004

Many thanks to Dr. Dot…WOW!

So last night I go hang at WCCC in Hartford with my boy Rick the Fluffer. Apparently he has this gal Dr. Dot coming in to give him a rub. I had no idea who she was so I did a little research and was quite surprised to learn that she has laid hands on the biggest rock stars of all time!

Masseuse to the stars, indeed.

Well, let me tell you something. This girl aint no joke and is H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E. She knows her shit, and has mad skillz like you can’t even imagine. I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of her magic hands and I still haven’t recovered!

Very intelligent and talented lady and I just wanted to give her a shout out her and say thanks for the abuse! (I mean…yeah, it hurt…but it was good pain, the best kind!)

Check her out at her main site, or her more “racy” site (I suggest the latter…as painted boobs are involved!) You can also always use the link on the right of our pages for a quick fix.

Thanks again Doc!!!


Check out Beav’s site :

I am SO happy to be back in NYC.

Dr. Dot

ps. I have LOADS of photos to down load, crop and put on this blog. I have so much to do now, don’t even know where to begin.   Hmm 2