Ask Dr. Dot: How to receive a Massage

Dear Dr. Dot,
I am going to get a massage next week, my first ever. How should I prepare? What do I wear? What happens if I get a stiffy during the massage?
Frank M., East Rutherford, NJ

Dear Frank,
Always shower before you head to your massage appointment. If you can’t, buy some baby wipes and wipe down the most offensive areas. You can relax knowing you aren’t fuming, and the therapist won’t be scorning you in their mind the whole time.

Don’t eat a big meal directly before the rub down. You will feel like you are laying on a rock and your belly will be making embarrassing noises if you do.

 Since it is your dime, you should wear whatever you want during the massage. Most therapists have seen it all and won’t be bothered either way. Boxers will hold down your stiffy if you get excited, but you can also hold “him” down by asking the therapist to give you extra towels to drape around your pelvis area (tell them you get cold easily). NOTE: Don’t mention your stiff if you get one. It is just one of those things that happens, breath deep and let it go.

 Remove all jewelry and your watch. Your hair will look like hell after, so if you have somewhere nice to go after, warn them to avoid your whole head. If you don’t have them do your scalp, it is worth looking like Don King afterwards.

 Don’t talk during your massage, unless you need to ask for more or less pressure or inform the therapist about an injury. Talking is counterproductive and makes the time fly very fast. It also distracts the therapist and you won’t get the best results if they have to keep chatting to you. If they won’t shut up, do find the courage to say “I would prefer to enjoy this massage in silence”.

 It is your time and money and you should speak up if something is bothering you (you want music, or silence; the room is too cold/hot). The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

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