Ask Dr. Dot ( need your questions for my column(s)

Doctor Dot,
What is the best kind of moisturizer for a humid climate? I am tired of feeling dry even in the damp weather! Especially the elbow.
Sandy, Park Ridge, NJ

Hey Sandy,
I personally use an oil free sun block SPF #30 every day when I wake up, even if it is snowing out. Try a few different brands, Clarins is one of the best I find but it is a bit expensive. Use sun block in the day (to ward off any sun damage) and at night rub vaseline on your elbows, feet and other really dry areas, it is the best and super cheap!
Also, drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to moisturize from within and keep popping fruit in your mouth. Tuna helps your skin retain moisture and taking vitamin E tablets everyday will help too.
Avoid taking really long hot baths which will dehydrate your skin, and if you do, rub baby oil all over your body as soon as you dry off to lock in moisture.
Don’t forget toÊuse a loofa sponge to exfoliate the dead skin, if you don’t, it could be making your skin feel extra dry and even itchy. Eucerine cream and vitamin E oil are great for sealing in moisture too.
Dr. Dot

Dr. Dot,
I have a very stressful job. What is the best way to get rid of the stress before leavingÊwork so I do not bring it home with me?
Laurie, CT

Dear Laurie,
A few good options would be to find a space to lie down on your back and put your legs and feet up against the wall for the last 20 minutes before you leave. While you lie there, take deep breaths and exhale slowly and think of all the good things you have in your life. You can massage your temples while you do this to relieve tension, or if you have the cash, find a Massage Therapist that will slide you in for a 30 minute back or foot rub on your way home.
Try limit caffeine intake after 12 noon. Caffeine makes people edgy and nervous, and ravenous. Having healthy snacks on hand will tame the hungry tiger in you until you get to dinner. Hunger makes any stressful situation even worse.
You could sip St. Johns Wort Tea, or as some call it “good mood tea” throughout your day to keep you in a good mood.
If you have your hair up in a tight bun or pony tail, take it down an hour before you leave and rub your finger tips vigorously all over your scalp to relax.
Listen to calming music on the way home, perhaps some classical music or Billie Holiday, John Lee Hooker or even Reggae, it is impossible to be angry or stressed while listening to Bob Marley.
Dr. Dot

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