It’s human nature

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone” 

How true. So many people writing to me about the same subject, Love. They all have one thing in common it seems. They all want the one they can’t have, the one that is apathetic and doesn’t pine for them. It may be fun and challenging, but I say, just take the one (be it a friend or lover) that adores you.

Why bother longing for a friend or romantic interest that doesn’t care about you? It is a test to your soul: 1) will you take the bullshit? 2) How long will you keep on giving without receiving? 3) Do you need pain to feel love?

I think it is best not to bother with a person that doesn’t want you, appreciate you or give to you like you do to them. Save yourself a LOT of hassle, just don’t take it.

Sure, it is human nature to strive for something that is hard to get, but you have to draw the line somewhere. In fact, I think the man should yearn to keep passion alive, just not in vain.

Ever have a friend that expects you to call him/her more than they call you? Who has time for that shit? It is the yin and yang; it has to be even no matter what the relationship. Sure when one is ill or down, the other should give more, but not long term. Avoid emotional vampires and you will be strong, get respect and love yourself like you should. (I don’t mean wanking either).

I still haven’t been able to download the new photos I have taken since I have been here in CT, but I can post a VERY embarrassing pair of photos that were just emailed to me from an old friend who used to work for the band the Inspiral Carpets. This band had me go-go dance for them on stage in Berlin a few times around the same time I was doing those Madonna impersonator shows

I figure the photos will come out someday anyways, so why not now? Can’t believe the ever-present gum in my mouth and tacky hair/make up. In the top photo I look obnoxious with the gum,hair,phone etc- slap me will you?

Yesterday they showed the Access Hollywood interview and I am sure Chris Botti is planning a drive by shooting on me right now. I cannot believe how our segment was edited; they didn’t even show his interview or name on the screen. This is exactly why it is hard to get a star to allow cameras to film them getting a rub down, because you never know when their bit ends up on the cutting room floor.

Chris was kind enough to let us film in his flat and say how great I massage and pose for photos etc, then they edit it all out? TV can be so cruel; they only showed me for 1 minute (which is better than nothing knowing how much a 1 minute commercial on NBC at prime time would cost). So I can’t complain, but I will complain on Chris’s behalf. That was dam mean of them to cut him out and now he is probably mad- or maybe he didn’t see it- that would be the best thing. I think he said he was off to vacation, hopefully somewhere where there is no TV.

(ABOVE:Chris Botti  in his flat in March )

I did bring a famous photographer with me that loved photographing Chris in his all white flat (Rob Hahn) and I hope the photos appear in Rolling Stone or something.

Last run in with the cops was Friday afternoon; I was roller blading around the Bradley International Airport (International for them means to and from Canada from CT!!). Anyways, I love to speed skate around the airport every time I come here and a cop pulled me over and I said “Sorry, I can’t HEAR you!” due to my walkman blasting out Eminem. He insisted on yelling anyways, so I took off the headphones and asked him what is his beef. He said I was skating too fast and he should give me a ticket.

This happened to me before in South Beach, Miami, but why here? He said he would let me off but to slow down. What is going on here? How can you skate too fast? Or was he just trying to chat me up? He had one of those thin porn star mustaches, ew!

FYI, Lisa is back with the “unemployed, lying,  pot smoking- handsome sponge”, as predicted. She in fact was upset at me for yelling at her sweetie, when it was her who asked me to drive there and tell him how mean he is to her. Never, I repeat, NEVER interfere with a drama queen and her loser lovers, you will end up the bad guy in the end, as for most chicks, Dick rules over friendship more often than you think.I know of so many females that ignore their gal pals the second they get a man in their lives. How very shallow, how weak. No matter whom I am dating or in love with, my girls come FIRST. Friends last forever, lovers come and go. You can give advice to people about a bad relationship or one that leaves them in tears too often, but you can’t make someone quit a bad habit, be it drugs, bad men, alcohol or even to diet, you just can’t. They have to do it themselves. Amen.

Everybody Plays The Fool
Main Ingredient

Everybody plays the fool sometime
There’s no exception to the rule
Listen, baby, it may be factual, may be cruel
I ain’t lyin’, everybody plays the fool
Falling in love is such an easy thing to do
And there’s no guarantee that the one you love
Is gonna love you

Oh-oh-oh, lovin’ eyes they cannot see
A certain person could never be
Love runs deeper than any ocean
You can cloud your mind with emotion

Everybody plays the fool, sometime
There’s no exception to the rule
Listen, baby, it may be factual, may be cruel
I want to tell ya
Everybody plays the fool

How can you help it when the music starts to play
And your ability to reason is swept away
Oh-oh-oh, heaven on earth is all you see
You’re out of touch with reality
And now you cry but when you do
Next time around someone cries for you

Everybody plays the fool, sometime
They use your heart like a tool
Listen, baby, they never tell you so in school

Dr. D