The Fifth Wheel ( Man Magnet)

This time the big boss of Universal, who produces the 5th Wheel, wrote me and assured me this time it will REALLY be on!

If you stay up LATE next Friday night, which is April 30th, stay up until 1am(which is technically May 1st), and you are just channel surfing, why not have a look at that show, the 5th wheel. I put a lot of time and effort into filming the episode I was on, and it is worth watching. Now, I must say, I know they can use those cartoon like pop up windows and antics to take the piss out of someone on the show if they (producers/editors) didn’t like one of the people on the show, but as far as I know, it went WELL and it was a very sarcastic atmosphere, everyone at eachother’s throats and groins.

If you want to see what I wrote about  the show, click HERE and to see WHO is on the show click  HERE .

I put some really funny photos in that last “HERE” and made fun of the other contestants, it is all part of the vibe there, it is very competitive! By the time they threw me into the 5th Wheel van, the other contestants had already been together the whole day, the females had already showed their tits to the guys and they had already made out with eachother etc.

So it was up to me to convince one of those guys to leave their nasty girls for me. I did this without showing any skin or kissing anyone. Words are oh so powerful!

The 5th Wheel
Episode #3537  

Saturday, May 1
12:30AM EDT
Saturday, May 1
1:00AM EDT
Channel 44.2
Saturday, May 1
1:00AM EDT
Channel 9

click HERE to see your local listing                                       

An insomniac New York date has fishing poles, contortionists, truth-or-dare, the Statue of Liberty, Russian beauties, and a “man-magnet.” (TVPG)

To find out the local channel that will air this episode, click HERE . I am taking a risk here, as they may have well twisted it all around in their editing techniques, but what the hell, have a look, have a laugh. The “man magnet” they are writing about is me. They tell all people who are picked to be the “5th WHEEL” to do a short 2 minute monologue about themselves, that would purposely provocate and annoy the other contestants, to stir things up. They really DO tell you to be outrageous and to stir things up. So that is what became of my little clip. They let the two couples spend all day together, swapping partners, and getting all cozy with one another, then they sit them all down in the van and show them all the little video of who the 5th Wheel will be that day.

Naturally the females watching the film are already loathing me and are ready to rip my hair out before I even get onto the van! So, immediately after showing the clip, they throw the 5th Wheel in, this time being me.

You have to be very confident, hold your own, as they all want to verbally rough you up, all at once. After my roughing up on the Howard Stern show back in March 6, 2002 ( in which I did hold my own as good as one can against a room full of obnoxious, agressive PIGS) I have learned to never let that shit happen again, so I was ready and we had a sharp exchange of words, it was fucking funny!

I will be up watching and if I stay up and wait for the show and it doesn’t come on again, I will just give up on ever seeing it. So this is the last time I plus this friggin’ show on the blog. If it comes on and you see it, email me your comments – the good, bad and the ugly ones too.