How Catty

Normally I tell the women who call me for relationship help, that I think men are a lot like dogs(don’t chase them, give them freedom, etc.) but lately, I have been thinking about it and found that men have alot  in common with cats.

1) If you are in a room with a cat and you close the door, the cat will immediately want OUT. But if you open the door and sit back down, the cat will want to stay in the room with you and cuddle. They just want to know the door is open and they can leave if they want. (This is why marriage is a bad idea).

2)If your cat is really hungry, notice how they brown-nose and purrrr, wrap their tails around your legs while you open the can of food. They are all lovey dovey. They won’t let you out of their site! However, after you feed them, they want nothing to do with you. They find a nice warm spot and clean themselves and carry on about their furry lives. Even if you try to pet them after they ate, they act like “talk to the furry PAW!” and “as IF!” and scurry away, UNTIL they get hungry again, then it starts all over again. What to do about it? Keep them a bit hungry all the time and give them freedom, just keep really busy yourself.

It is GORGEOUS out here in NYC, sunny, breezy, no clouds, everyone is smiling away. Paradise.I will go rollerblade and work off that Berlin ice cream situation.

Lovin’ life

Dr. Dot