“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”

Tuesday, April 13th

So, after 3 weeks of watching ALL of the Sex and the City reruns ( I have every season on DVD) and many pints of haagen-daas, I am leaving tomorrow, back to NYC.

Jasmine and I have had MUCH quatlity time together, hey, we are best buddies! I have to get my ass home and get the career ball rolling again. Hard to live two lives, I tell you that.

Today Jasmine looked at me and said “pk, it’s official, we are Sex and the City JUNKIES!”. Some one call the cops. But seriously, there is nothing better to watch ( apart from my Simpsons dvds- we got ’em all).

I have rented several dvd movies here too. Just saw the ‘Italian Job’, not bad. Saw a Russle Crowe film last night ( Command -something or other) it was supposively nominated for 10 Oscars. It was like Braveheart but on a friggin boat. Jasmine picked out “Wicked” starring Julia Stiles (absolute CRAP), then I saw “Invisible Circles” with Cameron Diaz ( annoying drug/suicide flick). Then the one where Matt Damon is stuck together with Greg ( guy from As good as it gets)- that was good for a laugh or two, but not more. Eva Mendes has officially joined the “Bimbo” league with this film.

Kill Bill was extremely cool except for two things: 1) It never shows or explains WHY the fuck they are chasing Uma Thurman or want to kill her!  2) Dumb ending (“does she know her kid is still alive”) and that’s it? They just leave you hanging ( probably to prepare for part 2. But I have to say, Uma KICKS ass! And of course, you see the typical foot fettish escapades of the Director ( Quentin Tarrantino-spelling?) He is crazy about womens feet, and reminds you in every flick he does.

next day ( Wednesday)

Now I am in the airport in Zurich, Switzerland, using the cheesy computer. I have to keep tossing coins into it out of fear it will shut down in the middle of my blog.

I only had a 4 hour layover here! I ate at a gorgeous Thia restaruant and bought hand made pralines.The Swiss may be boring, but they are clean, organised and take their food very seriously. You could eat off the friggin floor here it is so clean!!

I am just rambling on here. I will add more photos to the blog when I get home and settled. I will need a couple days of sleep after this.

Hope the plane doesn’t crash.Not a fan of flying. Germs galore, dry diesel smelling-air, having to SIT STILL is the hard part. I drive everyone on the plane mental as I am constantly getting up and strolling around, using the bathroom and stretching my limbs all over the place. I go crazy on planes. I should just take some sleeping pills and conk out, but I am afraid I would get run over by one of those vicious food/drink carts. I also loathe sitting next to 1)HUGE people who smell 2)chatty and or moody babies ( actually, don’t want to sit next to any babies) 3) Chatty people who talk about their niece/nephew  for hours and hours 4) Males who try to convince me to join the mile high club. I once scammed into buisness class. Try it; just make sure you are last to board, then scan any empty seats in buisness class, find one that it similar to your seat number, for example; if your seat is really 43, pick 13 in buisness class and IF they call you out on it, say “sorry!!! I don’t have my contacts in, I could have sworn that was a 13” and be very apologetic and crawl back to Coach class where everyone will scathe you with their eye rolling looks. But it usually works. They are NOT about to question eveyone in buis class as to who belongs where. Just a friendly tip 😉

Gotta get my butt on the plane,

catch you later

Dr. Dot