A tad mean, but funny as hell

An urban youth was asked to do a simple homework

Befuddled by the whole school thing, he was given a                                             
set of
vocabulary words to use in sentences. Here’s what he
handed in:

1.  HONOR ROLL – We was playin’ poker on the stoop the
day, and man, I was HONOROLL.

2.  PLANET – I got me some seed to grow weed, so I
the backyard.

3.  DISMAY – I went for a blood test, the doctor
pulled out a
big needle. He said, “DISMAY hurt a little.”

4.  OMELETTE – Every time I start a new job, OMELETTE
go after
a week.

5.  STAIRWAY – When me and my homies get high, we

6.  MOBILE – I went to buy crack, I was short on cash,
my man
said, “Gimme one MOBILE.”

7.  DEFENSE – I ran from the cops, and hopped DEFENSE
and got

8.  AFRO – I got so mad at my bitch, AFRO a lamp at

9.  AFTERMATH – I like to be high in school, so
to the field and smoke weed.

10.  LOCKET – I slam the door so hard, I LOCKET.

11.  DOMINEERING – My girly’s birthday was yesterday,
I got her

12.  KENYA – I needed change fo the subway, so I axe a
KENYA spare some change.

13.  DERANGE – DERANGE is where da deer and antelope

14.  DATA – At my basketball game, I scored thirty
points. My
coach said, “DATA boy!”

15.  COPULATE – I called 911 and an hour later when
they show
up, I said, “COPULATE!”

16.  FASCINATE – My girly’s boobies are so big. Her
shirt has
ten buttons, she can only FASCINATE.

17.  BEWARE – I axed the man at the unemployment
office, “Is
this BEWARE I get a job?”

18.  DIMENSION – I be tall, dark, handsome… and not
hung like a horse.

19.  COATROOM – The judge said, “One more outburst
like that,
and you’ll be thrown out the COATROOM.”

20.  DECIDE – I like Vonda and Yolanda, but I like to
have a
couple of womens on DECIDE.                  

Ladies, be sure to keep your meat curtains tucked in, that’s too much information for us- k?