Q Magazine and our new assistant TERSA from Dallas

Tersa passed her Dr. Dot team massage audition with flying colors. She is talented and strong, ready to spoil and heal you when you are in Dallas. I am happy her healing hands are now part of our team and trust her to handle you with care. If you are in Dallas or plan to go there soon, drop me a line drdot@drdot.com  and I will arrange to have Tersa give you a treatment. Read more about her below.

Here she is

My name is Tersa. I am a Registered Massage Therapist in Dallas Texas. I have been practicing massage therapy since 2001. I specialize in Performing Artist Body Therapy. Working with dancers and musicians. Working with local musicians here in Dallas has given me the opportunity to gain experience in order to help performing artists with their specific needs. I use techniques from some of the different modalities that I have studied such as sports massage or myofacial release. Right now I work within a rehab environment doing massage as part of the healing process for hand to back injuries. I love being able to help someone become better.  I am currently studying Neuromuscular Therapy to better help the people I work with. I truly believe in the old saying “Knowledge is Power.”  When I was just a kid I knew I wanted to be part of the music world and wasn’t sure how. Then I went to study massage therapy, I knew then how I could help and be part of that world. That is why when I read about Dr. Dot I was happy to see someone else had made their dream come true as well.

Guess the new issue of Q magazine is out-

Hi Dot

I hope you’re enjoying Berlin. I just saw the new issue of Q magazine. It’s on the newstands here now. It has the picture I took of you in it. I don’t know what you’ll think, but I think you look great.

best wishes