Don’t leave us now, we love you Sex and the City! ;)

Was that good or what? My eyes swelled up at least twice. Glad Mr. Big came through and the nerve of the Russian guy slapping Carrie!! How are we to go on now without fresh Sex and the City episodes to look forward to? If you are not into the show, why not? Once you see one show, you are hooked. Thank goodness for DVD’s.

I can understand why Carrie took Big back, you can’t fight real love; it is overwhelming. And in the end, you should stay with who you have the best sex with ( if possible). Just like Samantha said “Who you are in bed, is who you are in life”. Are you wimpy? Quick? Polite? Boring? Selfish? a Pig? God I love that show.

Another note about passion, I watched “The Piano” the other night, starring Harvey Keitel. It was SO amazing!!! I am now a Harvey fan, I mean , I was before, but the way he played that role in the Piano blows ones mind (Not to mention how incredibly SEXY he is in this movie!). I strongly recommend this film if you haven’t already seen it. Awesome and it also proves, passionate love prevails.

It is almost 8am and I am still up, can you say “Sleep Disorder”?

“Oh oh catch that buzz
Love is the drug I´m thinking of
Oh oh can´t you see
Love is the drug for me”