‘Frankie the lucky Pit Bull’ update

It was about a year ago that I found the 8 month old Put Bull tied to a street bench, he was very thin, you could see his ribs and he was bleeding in various areas around his face and neck, in other words, it looked like he had just lost a fight and some wanker tossed him away because of that loss.

I was just out power walking on a Friday night and saw him; some kids asked me if I wanted the dog! I was shocked but still rescued him. My landlord is a PRICK who won’t let me have any animals, so I have to keep Frankie at my Uncle Jacks house in Connecticut. Since one year, Frankie has gone from a skinny to wide and meaty, and he is so spoiled. He sleeps under the covers in between my uncles ( one is my uncle the other is his husband)