Dr. Dot video clip to view

My 3 minute clip reel (which can not compete with Paris Hilton’s new video) can now be seen on both of my web sites. It may seem short and no sweat, but it has cost me and so many other folks so much time. It cost me so much money, I can not begin to explain. Basically for the last 5 years I have been saving my TV appearances on VHS tapes. Most were taped in Germany but a few since I have been back in the USA ( yee haa!) . Taking all of the German material and having some one transfer it to USA format ( they were all different formats, big reels, tiny tapes, DVDs, VHS) and then put onto a machine in which Christine from the Image Factory ( www.ifpost.com ) spent weeks slicing everything together to make sense along with sound etc, well, it was HARD work. Here is the link: 



I am extremely grateful to Christine for her hard work and expert advice in making this important tool for me. Also, I want to thank Nobbi, my web master, who you must know is working his ASS off almost everyday keeping up both of my web sites. Thank you Nobbi! As always, I will bring LOADS of Beef Jerky over to you next time I drag my behind to Cheery Berlin.