Iron Maiden rocked Berlin tonight

That man above is Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, an INCREDIBLY nice guy! The father of 6 (!!) soccer player and Bass player of the band.I tell you, the harder the music, the nicer the guys! I brought Jasmine and her gal pal to the show, then they had me get a male friend ( age 14 too) in. At one point, I thought I saw most of Jasmines school in the crowd banging their heads like Beavis and Butthead!

It was great to see the band again, they were all in god spirits and I finally met Bruce ( briefly) as last time I massaged them, they had an egomaniac singing, his name was “BLAZE” so you can just imagine how he was. Nico and Dave were all smiles and friendly as always, and Adrian, the guitar player got a back rub, says it was the first one he has ever had. I hope to massage them again in NYC in January. Rock on guys!

And now more of EROS:

(what is funny about this photo, is Eros was waiting for me to set the self timer, I was going to run and jump in, but it went off too early)

So many horney people, not mentioning ANY names so don't worry, wrote to me and asked for more photos of Eros. So here is another one. Since my books won't be coming out any day soon, I should write down some things before I forget. Yes he is cute and sweet, but he is also COOL, he played the newest CD of OUTKAST during the almost 3 hour massage. It played over and over again, and I am glad, as I haven't heard it yet at all and it is AMAZING! Also, Eros showed me the show from the night before on his lap top and he put his headphones on me so I could hear it &