Using Animals to make money (assholes!)


According to a recent report released by the ASPCA, the Fund for Animals and the Animal Welfare Institute, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) routinely looks the other way when Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey beats and mistreats its elephants. Tracing nine different investigations over five years, the report reveals a variety of incidents. In one such case, the USDA did determine that Ringling's use of chains and ropes to remove nursing elephants from their mothers caused the animals unnecessary trauma, behavioral stress and physical harm–but the agency closed the investigation without taking any enforcement action.

“The USDA is charged by law to protect performing animals–not to help Ringling with its public relations,” says Lisa Weisberg, ASPCA's Senior Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy. “This report raises serious questions about the relationship between the circus and USDA officials.”

For more on the report, and to find out what you can do stop cruelty in circuses, please visit ASPCA online.

Ooooh, doesn't that just piss you off? Well, then follow the link and help kick some ass. I understand people eating meat and using horses on the farm to help pull shit around, or even dogs to gaurd the house and lead the blind, but using animals for sports and entertainment is a sign that mankind has not moved on, that there are still cavemen lurking about, PIGS. Greyhounds that lose the race are often discarded ( and Charlie Watts's wife, Shirley has adopted 45 of them) -circus animals suffer everyday for peoples viewing pleasure,pit bulls