USA Today on Dr. Dot

I am so excited about the USA today piece that was printed yesterday (Jan 8th, 2013). This is the 2nd time I was lucky enough to have the international newspaper write about me and my massage team. They have 30 MILLION readers online per day and 1 million readers who read their printed version per DAY. My friend/client Richard made this possible this time and I am very grateful.


The online version can be read here:

and they put me on the COVER of their print version:
photo 2


photo 3

To say I am grateful would be an understatement. I am happy my whole massage/chiro team will more work from this, all 702 of them deserve it.

The last time USA Today did a piece on me was in 2004 (Associated Press did a massive story about me and this is the USA Today blurb)

So, thank you Richard and thank you USA Today and especially the author, Craig Wilson who was very fun to talk to x

Facebook outage silences 150,000 users

Facebook outage silences 150,000 users

Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from the Today @ PC World blog at

For the past week and a half, several thousand Facebook users were unable to access their accounts because of a technical issue with a server. The outage silenced .05 percent of Facebook users, or 150,000 people, which may not seem like that many, considering that Facebook now has over 300 million users. But if this could happen to even a small percentage, what’s to say it couldn’t happen again to even more users of the world’s largest social networking site?

The affected Facebook users are slowly seeing their accounts restored, though some profile data may have been lost. Facebook itself was silent on the matter until Monday, when it gave CNET the skinny, saying the issue was caused by “a technical issue with a single database.” Facebook also iterated that it had nothing to with “hackers or other malicious activity.”

Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker gave a boilerplate statement that included the usual apologies and assurances that the outage would be repaired as soon as possible. “Our engineering team has worked around the clock, and as of [October 12], all of these users should begin to regain access to their Facebook accounts.”

According to CNET, affected users also received this message: “You may not have been able to access your account over the last several days. We’re sorry for this inconvenience; an extended technical issue affected a small number of Facebook accounts, including yours. We have done our best to restore your account to its most recent state, but some data and settings may not be current. In order to be cautious, we defaulted some of your privacy settings to their most restrictive settings. You may wish to review your privacy settings and reset them.” As you see, Facebook was not specific as to what “some data and settings” actually includes.

It doesn’t sound as though the data and update loss were catastrophic or anything more than just annoying. However, the outage highlights the potential fragility of Facebook. If one server fail can affect 150,000 people, what would happen if three servers crashed? Paranoid thoughts, perhaps, but as Facebook grows and becomes more integrated with ordinary people’s lives and with businesses and corporations, the security of the site becomes a public matter of great importance.

That this server failure wasn't widely reported is also distressing. Facebook should be more upfront with its technical difficulties and, in light of this incident, once again bolster security measures not only to decrease the likelihood of reoccurrence, but also to keep the more crucial meat of people’s profiles away from exposure.

If you join, maybe it will help

A friend of mine on facebook made a group to try and help get my facebook page back. I spent DAYS uploading all the videos and pictures and adding my friends, naturally I can start a new page but I want my old one back. If you have a minute, please join this group:


I have sent countless emails to facebook and they have not answered one email so far. When I try to sign into my page is says this:

"Your account has been disabled for persistent and rapid use of a certain feature. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we will not be able to further explain these limits."



what the HELL does that mean? What did I do wrong? They never warned me, emailed me, answered me, nothing. Totally rude way of running a web site. 

boooo hisssss. 




My Facebook page disabled AGAIN (4th time in two months)

I am guessing this is the picture that made someone flag me:

I think it's funny, but I guess it is too NUDE for Facebook?


Please, can you email facebook and in subject line "Dot Stein's facebook page disabled unfairly"

and inside just say you find it unfair that my facebook page keeps being disabled and I do NOT post

hateful, violent or nude images and there is no reason for this constant harassment and to PLEASE

enable my page again.

I would be grateful for you doing this. Do NOT cc me. You can Bcc me, but don't Cc me, that would

be silly lol.

Send email to these addresses please: