24 hour massage service in Hoboken, NJ


Book me: info@drdot.com and write: “Nudi/NJ” in subject line 🙂 

I am Nudi from Italy but originally from Thailand. I have learned traditional Thai massage at Wat Po Medical School in 2000. Since, I practiced it starting from when I studied in Italy. I was fascinated by how touching and massaging can heal the pain and alleviate stress and I learned this directly from my clients. I have also practiced Balines and deep tissue and Lomi Lomi massages while I worked at a Hotel in Madrid. 


Now I live in Northern NJ.  I meditates and practice yoga to allow positive energy flow throughout my body. Growing up in buddhism environment in Thailand, I am also able to employ love and kindness in my massage. I love what I do and I have passion for it.