Jeff Beck in NYC

I told Sandra she looks like Baby Spice & she had a good laugh.

This is from March 28, 2011 at the Beacon Theater, NYC:

Sandra saw my Blonde hair and was not friendly to me whatsoever. Jeff found it very awakward to chat with me while his Wife shot daggers at us with her eyes. ugh.

The look on our faces perfectly describes the mood. Sandra was NOT happy. You can tell. She had NOTHING to worry about! I was not single AND I am not a homewrecker!

Every single time I saw Jeff, He would smile the biggest smile and tell me I

reminded him of Jacqueline Bisset. I think He forgot that he always told me that.

He’d say “you look just like her. She was my crush growing up” and he would smile

and look away like a school boy. He was SO adorable and somehow shy. Sweetest “Rock star” you’d ever meet. I had to google her the first time as I didn’t know who she was. I can

see how we do look similar.