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Peter has been practicing massage therapy since 1998.  Having studied from many healing arts traditions all over the world, Peter incorporates several therapeutic modalities into his world-class treatments.  His integrative approach combines the best of those therapies focused on pain relief, stress reduction, and preventative care.

  Peter has been deeply immersed in the healing arts since a young age due to a personal injury which encouraged him to search for traditional and alternative approaches to healing.  Peter has managed two spas and served on the faculty of two massage schools.  He is also passionate about being a musician and producer, a husband and father, and a world traveler.

24 hour Chiropractic Service San Diego, California



Book me: and write: "Peter/San Diego" in subject line 🙂


Dr. Peter is dedicated to helping you achieve your health objectives, combining his skills and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic spectrum.

Dr. Peter is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. Dr. Peter is not only well versed in adjusting the spine, he is also a master adjuster of extremities, such as shoulders, hands, feet, elbows, knees and feet. His approach to care is from a whole person perspective.

Dr. Peter is now available 24/7 in the San Diego area and will travel internationally upon request. Book him and experience what you have been missing. Dr. Peter is committed to being the very best Dr. Dot assistant on her roster.

Rock on!

R.I.P Peter Steele :(



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Peter was 6 foot 8 inches tall, gorgeous, talented and most of all FUNNY. He will be missed. I adored him. LOVED massaging him. 48 is way too young to die.


"Only the good die young" Billy Joel. 




Chiropractic Care in London (delivery to home, hotel, venue)


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Hi I am Peter,

I am a chartered physiotherapist specializing in sports and manipulative therapy. I have been involved in the treatment of high and low profile clients in the sport & entertainment industries for over 15 years. Portable electrotherapy equipment is also available for clients if required.

I am available for work throughout the London area.

Rock am Ring, here I come

Crazy busy the last couple days, landed in Berlin, didn't even unpack as I fly today to Rock am Ring, somewhere in Germany (Nurnberg?) There are many bands there and I will be busy massaging and it won't feel like work, as I will be in rock and roll heaven. Saw Jasmine a few times, which is paradise for me. Berlin is hot and sunny, perfect weather.

I was going to be body painted by the same company that painted me before, but they totally flaked out, as in, didn't call, answer emails, etc. They quoted me 450 euro for the painting, which I agreed to, then later said "well, it will be another 85 euros in tax". That is around $150 at this point so I moaned about that and I suppose that is what made them flake, that and the one email that explained it would be TOO MUCH work, etc. ugh! This is how the front would have looked:


I would have perhaps been allowed to introduce the band (KISS) on stage in my body paint this coming Monday when they play Berlin. Fecking lazy ass body painters.. KISS my ass. I promised Doc and co. that I would just come dressed in my nurse uniform to make up for the lack of body paint.  

AGAIN, Berliners NOT into making cash. They are not as ambitious here as they are in NYC, that is for sure. Nice for them I suppose, they chill, relax, never break a sweat, don't worry about tomorrow, but dealing with such people irritates me as I am so on the ball and ready to work; LOVE to work and I find it hard to understand people who avoid work.

 Some of my friends give me shit that I don't have time to answer their emails, which are simply silly jokes, but then again, those friends are unemployed, live with their mom and haven't a care in the world. Must be nice!? Eh, I don't think so, work makes me happy- guess I am a freak, but then again, if you watch Gene Simmon's Family Jewels show, you will see he is also LOVES work, so  I know I'm not the only one. Sigh.

Anyways, got a flight to catch, not bringing lap top (for once) either. Rock am Ring, here I come