Massage Delivery service in Perth, Australia

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I am a qualified remedial massage therapist with experience working with elite athletes and the general public, I have great interest in preparing my clients for an effortless and pain free performance and assisting in their subsequent rest and recovery. I love to see the immediate improvement massage can give to my client’s injuries and general aches and pains. Recovery through massage is crucial for mind and body whether it be after a long flight, strenuous athletic performance or an onstage performance. Massage therapy is very rewarding work, I look forward to treating you in Perth soon!  

Chiropractic service in Perth, Australia

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My name is Adam and I am a chiropractor with over 10 years experience. Treating a range of clients, I have consulted with musicians, dancers, elite athletes and high achievers in their chosen field. I am results driven and thrive on delivering exceptional treatment and strive to always exceed expectations.

I am able to offer tailored treatment based on what is required from the client on the day. Adjustments to the back, neck and extremities are my focus, as well as kinesio-taping, dry needling and instrument assisted soft tissue therapy. I will provide the best treatment required to help the patient to have optimal function and reach peak performance.

Massage Delivery service in Perth, Australia


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Hi! My name is Maira, I am originally from Brazil and I have been in Australia for over 5 years now. I am a Physiotherapist and I have been working with Massage for 7 years. I am a very easy going and laid back person and I think that really helps my clients to achieve a state of relaxation. I am very intuitive as well and I find that really guides me during my treatments.

My passion for Music started since I was a little girl where music would allowed me to see things in a different way. And being able to combine all my passions together makes me thrilled and I could not be more thankful to Dr Dot for giving me this opportunity.

Besides my degree I have a few other courses diploma that helped me improve even more my techniques where I combine Deep Tissue, Remedial and Trigger Point work.

I am available any time for treatment backstage, hotel rooms etc.

Looking forward to taking care of you soon!
Love Maira!

24 Hour Massage Service in Perth Australia

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I have completed a 2 year full time massage course specializing in D.A.T.A. Massage. D.A.T.A. stands for “Dragon and Tiger Alignment” and is a deep tissue therapeutic massage using pressure points, meridian stimulus and lymphatic drainage techniques. 


It is great for tension in the muscles, stress and to reduce cellulite. Trigger Point Therapy and Reiki can be performed upon request”.