Massage in Kansas City


My name is Gracie, and I'm a LMT in the Kansas City area. I've grown up mostly in the midwest but I spent sometime in Hollywood, CA before deciding to come back to the midwest in Spring of '07.

I recieved my training in massage therapy while living in California and graduated a certified therapist in our Master Program at CHAC.

Living on the west coast enabled me to study various healing arts from Reiki, Oscillation, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Pre Natal, Pregnancy, Childrens to Hot and Cold Jade Stones. I was also able to gain experience working in various environments: physical therapy, medical day spa, charity events, chiropractic, high end clientale/personal training, massage on set … to name a few.

I've always had an affinity toward homopathetic ways of healing whether it be through touch or herbs. Growing up I was enlightened to this natural medicine due to my mother's own homeopathic background. To this day I remember seeing my mom make medicine out of rattle snake skin. lol

Not that that was a regular occurence to have rattlesnake skin laying around, it only happened once, but it left a lasting impression on me how something so outrageous could be used to help someone. She definately was always coming up with different elixirs as well as herbs, food one could benefit from.

She also knew Iridology. So as you can imagine growing up I grew more and more fascinated with this way of life. I do plan to continue my studies in the near future.

I'm interested in Holistic Health/Medicine Wheel, Spiritual Counseling, as well as Metaphysics. My focus has always been geared toward energy work.

I really enjoy doing bodywork, I find it to be cathardic to help someone replenish themselves and to share this is healing for me as well. Apart from my interest in this industry I do enjoy many other things like art, music!, traveling, cooking, writing. If you're looking for a therapist who will not only help you theraputically but also someone you could talk to, I'm your girl!

I am avaliable for incalls as well as outcalls πŸ™‚

Thanks a lot for taking out the time to read my Bio, I look forward to working with you. Email me:  and put "Gracie/Kansas" in the subject line and it will reach me instantly.


Love and Light,