Please vote for Frank Zappa


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Don't get me wrong…but, a lot of people are over looking Frank
Zappa in lieu of Rick Derringer for the Vintage Guitar Magazine Hall of
Fame contest below.

Yet, overwhelmingly, the Gibson SG standard guitar is sweeping this con…test..which is the very same guitar Frank Zappa played!

I find it a bit strange for Rick Derringer to win over Frank for this
contest when FZ's guitar is sweeping like this…with all due respect
for Rick and his talent – as he too is an amazing player, artist, and friend…and Frank not being here to hype himself…perhaps we should all vote to help remember him?

Again with all due respect to Rick who I think is a great player…but to me Frank was not only a great player but also a legendary player and a musical genius and deservingly should win this induction into the VGM Hall of Fame contest along with his guitar the Gibson SG standard.

Anyway, here is the link if you
can help to spread the word?


thanks to my pal Lewy Stix for bringing this to my attention.