Oasis sold out concert in Berlin

So glad I decided to come back to Berlin in time to see/massage Oasis. My flight, by the way, was HELL. Stupid me, went to airport in a rush, no food in belly and sat at a bar to check emails, felt guilty for not ordering anything and decided on a white wine. Tasted so good I had another. Barely made the flight (plane had closed its door) and once I got in and settled, that old "i'm gonna puke" feeling came to me. Plane was barely off the ground and I was yacking in the bathroom. I pretty much threw up every 30 minutes of the 8 hour flight. Took me a day to get over that but the jet lag is still here. But NOTHING would stop me from missing Oasis again (last time they played Berlin I missed my flight out of JFK airport, that's why I never use JFK anymore, I use Newark instead).


Anyways, it was SO FUCKING GREAT to see Liam and Noel again, haven't seen them for years. Noel, who I first met in 1993 when he was a guitar tech for a band I was massaging called the Inspiral Carpets , always says the same thing when he sees me "you used to have blonde hair, what happened?". LMFAO. I guess he loves blondes and when he first met me in 1993, I was indeed blonde. I have massaged them many times since 1993, but he still remembers that first time. So funny. In 1993 he kept coming into the massage room backstage at the Loft (name of venue) and kept saying "one day you will be massaging me, I will be a rock star soon". He wasn't fucking lyin that is for sho.


I always get a warm welcome when I walk backstage at a Oasis show as I wear my Man City foot ball jacket (which I got in 1994 when dating a Manc named Steve from Strettford (Manchester). The lads welcome me with open arms "that's a nice top that is" they say πŸ™‚

Liam is so fucking fun, I made him laugh so loud a few times, I love that. Making him CRACK UP is the bomb- his laugh is the best. Their new drummer, Chris Sharrock – who previously played with Liam's arch-rival Robbie Williams , remembered me from the last time he was in Berlin with Robbie.  Chris and Oasis is a great combo, he fits in perfectly and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Chris is from Liverpool and says he is as big of a Beatles fan as I am. I burnt him George Harrison outtakes last time and mailed it to his home, this time I burnt the lads "Joe's Garage" a good starter kit for people who "have never head any Frank Zappa". I hope the listen to it on the bus and it doesn't end up in the trash or used as a beer mat. 


Liam is looking FINE ^ as ever. SCHWING! Noel looked gorgeous too, but I didn't take a picture, in fact, I am PISSED off at myself as I forgot my fucking camera AGAIN. This is the third time (Paul Weller, President of Georgia and tonight, Oasis). WTF. I am surely getting Alzheimers or am still drunk from the flight. FOOK!! So my Blackberry had to do. The pics come out shitty, but they are better than nothing. 

 Above and directly below: Not taken with Blackberry


Another band from Manchester, Twisted Wheel   . They have a rather Punk edge to their sound. They LOVE the Clash, Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and Oasis. Drummer is hip to Zappa. The singer is only 22 years old so he didn't know much Zappa (not that young folks don't know Zappa, but most don't, especially the Brits. Not many Brits I meet know Zappa.) The singer/guitarist is the one to the far right. I am sandwiched between him and the Drummer, Adam, dark green shirt. The blonde is Rick, the bass player. How fucking cute are these guys? Massaging them was an absolute pleasure. sigh.



So there is their set list ^  Click HERE to see Oasis tour dates


ps. Before I drag my aching bones into bed with Pooh, I had a silly thought whilst out power walking today. The NYC/Berlin comparisons never stop in my brain, and I thought, that song by Frank Sinatra about New York "If you can make it there you'll make it, anywhere" would be like this if it was about Berlin "If you CAN'T make it there, you won't make it anywhere". SO fucking easy to make a living in Berlin. Rent is SUPER cheap. You can walk everywhere. Hardly any pressure here at all to make ends meet. Had to laugh. If you can't make it here, forget it. 


Stereophonics in NYC


Seeing the Stereophonics again was so fun. It's not everyday I get to massage a band that looks as good as they sound. They are ear and eye candy. Even listening to them talk is fun. Three of the guys in the band are from Wales (singer, bass, keyboards), one from Birmingham (guitar) and the drummer is from Argentina. A great mix. 

 Jasmine took this shot ^ without flash (she HATES flash)
 A Security guard took this one (with flash- I love flash) heh heh

As you can see ^ they played the Webster Hall and they sold it out. It was heaving with people who seemed to know the words to every song. As I walked through the crowd, I noticed most of the crowd was Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh and a of course some were yanks. This band is getting bigger all the time, more and more popular and for good reason. They sound AMAZING. 


Jasmine and I met briefly and ate something while the opening act played (sorry, I have a tiny attention span). I massaged the Stereophonics earlier on and wanted to give them some space and eat with Jasmine. We ate at the BEST falafel place in NYC (it's called Tahini ). OMG. Naturally I invited her to the show, just like I invited her to meet Gene Simmons the other night, but she is focused and not letting me be a bad, rock and roll influence on her. Yay. Mission accomplished. Raise a well focused child πŸ™‚


 Adam wasn't with the band the last time I massaged them in Berlin (see that BLOG )




 Javier told me he got his Salvador Dali inspired tattoos by a Tattoo artist based in Paris named Tin Tin


 I LOVE the moments before show time when a band warms up ^

Standard dressing room behavior now a days, MAC in hand 


Kelly is so fucking sweet. He showed me pictures of his two daughters, omg, SUPER CUTE!!!

He told me where Broccoli got it's name. He said it comes from the Cauliflower family, it's the brother of Cauliflower actually, hence the name BRO-Cauli (get it?) ha ha. 

 Adam is the one from Birmingham. He accent is heavier than my Stepmothers gravy.  



This is one of the hardest bands to photograph; they never hold still and their light show is outrageous. I am lucky I got these two live shots. 


I can not stress the fact enough how perfect the sound was. This must be the BEST venue to play in NYC. The band nailed it. Sold out show, sounded spectacular and everyone was singing along, dancing, sweating together and happy as fook. 

So, there is the set list Chris (manager) peeled off the dressing room wall for me ^

They played for nearly two hours and seemed to never tired. I am surprised Kelly had any voice left after the gig, he sings so unique, hard to describe, in fact, you would have to hear/see them on youtube to know what I mean. Also, Kelly and Adam took turns playing lead guitar, which was cool. 

 All bands want time to themselves after they get off stage. They want to dry off, shower, have a drink and calm down from the huge adrenaline rush they get from playing live on stage. So, I waited outside their dressing room, on a tiny, cushy chair, reading emails on my blackberry when three people came and stood RIGHT in front of me. I had both feet on the chair, barefoot and heavily into my crackberry. One of my foot slipped and hit the guy RIGHT in front of me in the back of his leg. He turned around and said "oh, I am sorry, am I in your way, should I move?". He thought I kicked him on purpose. I said "sorry, did I hit you?", then he said "sorry, I'm in your way right?" ha ha. Anyways, I told him he wasn't in my way and the girl he was with, gets close to my ear and asks if I am with the band. I told her yes, I am their massage therapist for the evening. In her heavy English accent she tells me her name and says she is with Chase Crawford of Gossip girl and he wants to meet the band and asked if I could help them. 

I have never seen the show, but have heard/read of it and felt like a right cunt for kicking Chase Crawford in the back of the leg, even if it was accidental. OMFG. Certainly I would help them meet the band now, now that I almost knocked him down lol. I texted the manager and told him and we had to wait a while as they STILL need to dry off. So Chase wants to try out my hands, so naturally, (look at him ok?) I was happy to oblige. How the fuck can someone be so good looking? Jesus. Last time I was face to face with such a perfect looking man was when I met Josh Hartnett backstage at Live 8. He was as friendly as he could be without pissing his date, Scarlett Johansson off. She was NOT happy at all that he was talking to other females. wtf? She's one of the most gorgeous women alive, so why the 'tude? Pffft! Needless to say, it didn't last. Anyways, so I rubbed Chase down for a while and he tells me that it's the "best massages he's ever had" and he took my card and said he will definitely be calling. Behave. It's just a massage. But hey, one can still think "schwing" or not? Happy to let you know, Chase isn't just beautiful, he is polite, friendly and sweet (and he has a great taste in music). I can only imagine how many girls swoon for this young man. 

Feast your eyes on these lovely lads ladies!  (and poop pushers) ^

You know I am bad with names. The blonde is from Glasgow and the Brunette is American. Both fun, we hung out and went to the pub after with the band where everyone feasted on chicken wings and Guinness (not me, I had ONE glass of wine as I drive). I sat in between Kelly and Adam and wouldn't have traded my spot for anything. Super cozy and loads of laughs with these two. We spoke of Paul Weller and their recent gig up in Toronto with Oasis and Weller (did you hear a crazy fan pushed Noel off stage DURING the show?? wtf!!)

You can SEE a video of it HERE   (it happens at 1 minute 28 seconds). Feel sorry for Noel, he is a sweet heart, really! Fucking idiots attacking artists on stage (or killing them like with Pantera). What is the world coming to eh? Peace people, peace. 


Last pic ^ I massaged Roberts (bassist) left hand for ages. They have been touring for over a year now and I think they need a break soon, they are all aching and I could tell they need a break. Touring is SO hard on the body, it's ridiculous. Better them than me, I am not into touring anymore, no matter how cushy the tour (the Rolling Stones for example) it still drains ya. Your sleeping and eating routine gets really out of wack (like my sleep "routine" could be any worse) and you meet strangers every day, everyone talks your fucking ears off and the artist have to be nice to everyone and miss their loved ones at home. I feel sorry for them and the least I can do is give them a massage and make them laugh a bit, to show musicians how grateful I am, at least, for doing what they do. "Music is the best" FZ

It's now 8am and I have to get to bed (couldn't sleep until I crapped this blog out)

Last but not least, Stereophonics tour dates (guess they're not taking a break yet πŸ™‚


Sept 11 208         8:00P     9.30 Club              Washington DC

Sept 12 2008       8:00P     Mr Smalls Theatre           Pittsburgh, PA

Sept 13 2008       8:00P     Metro                   Chicago, IL

Sept 16 2008       8:00P     Henry Fonda Thatre        Los Angeles, CA

Sept 17 2008       8:00P     Great American Music Hall           San Francisico, CA

Sept 19 2008       8:00P     Wonder Ballroom            Portalnd, OR

Sept 20 2008       8:00P     Commodore Ballroom                   Vancouver, BC

Sept 21 2008       8:00P     Showbox Market             Seattle, WA

Dec 2 2008           8:00P     SECC                      Glasgow, Scotland

Dec 3 2008           8:00P     SECC                      Glasgow, Scotland

Dec 4 2008           8:00P     AECC                     Aberdeen, Scotland

Dec 6 2008           8:00P     International Arena        Cardiff,Wales

Dec 7 2008           8:00P     International Arena        Cardiff, Wales

Dec 9 2008           8:00P     Echo Arena         Liverpool, UK

Dec 10 2008        8:00P     MEN Arena         Manchester, UK

Dec 12 2008        8:00P     Metro Radio Arena         Newcastle, UK
Dec 13 2008        8:00P     Trent Arena        Nottingham, UK

Dec 15 2008        8:00P     NIA        Birmingham, UK

Dec 17 2008        8:00P     International Centre       Boumemouth, UK

Dec 19 2008        8:00P     Arena    Sheffield, UK

Dec 20 2008        8:00P     O2 Arena             London, UK