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Hello, I am Danielle, and I am a born and raised Washingtonian. 

After 17 years in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip/Hop, Modern, and my favorite, Scottish Highland Dance, injuries lead me to treatment. Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage all helped my knee injury recover and develop my love of healing arts starting Massage right out of high school in 2002. Ultimately, Massage is my trade of choice with endless techniques to incorporate and facilitate the healing response within our own bodies. 

I am working in one of the top ranked spas in Washington where I remain a top requested therapist, with a majority of requests from other massage therapists and medical professionals attesting to my knowledge and skill diversity. In 2006, one year into my own massage clinic I was marked Washington’s Business Woman of the Year and received an award from President George W. Bush at age 22. 

My main specialties include:

  • Deep tissue
  • Swedish/Relaxation
  • Myofacial Release (a personal favorite, I found can enhance deep tissue)
  • Medical/Treatment Massage
  • Pre/Post Natal Massage, including Fertility Massage (enhances conception) and certified Doula
  • Lypossage (#1 body contouring massage) and Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Foot and Hand Reflexology
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Pilates, Yoga, and other movement oriented therapies
  • Reiki and other intuitive massage techniques
  • Spa bodywork (Hot Stone, Body Wraps, Scrubs, etc)

Please contact me for more specialties in my bottomless Mary Poppins Carpet Bag, including my current schooling towards Registered Nursing. 

Since beginning Massage I have had the ability to work with a variety of prestigious clientele while they visit Washington State. I have travelled great distances, even across state on occasion for return clientele who request me while in the greater Seattle area and Washington State. 

Since 2005 I have had the privilege of lending my services to many tours and venue events around the area, I wish to continue to provide the highest possible service available to new and return clientele. 

Best Wishes and Good Health, 


24 hour massage service San Francisco, California


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Hi, My name is Angeline. I am originally from Arkansas, but have lived and travelled all over the country. I completed my massage certification at the Kripalu School of Massage in Massachusetts.

I also have an undergraduate degree in Visual Art and Education from Prescott College in Arizona. Currently, I am living and working in Northern California.

After studying massage at a yoga center, I learned to see massage as not only as a tool for my clients well being, but for my own as well. I try to bring a sense of overall tranquility and wellness to my clients in addition to relief from stress and fatigue.

My massage training includes • Deep Tissue • Trigger Point • Swedish • Hot Stone • Pre Natal • Chair Massage • Thai Massage • Shiatsu Massage

24/7 Massage Delivery service in Atlanta, Georgia


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Hello! My name is Ketari. I was born in Chicago, IL and currently reside in Atlanta. I have been doing massage since 2006 and I’m often told that I have “Heavenly Hands”. I love the wonderful feedback that I receive from my clients as well as being able to give them what they expect and more. 

I am a Nationally Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist who recognizes that different techniques need to be incorporated for different people and their various reasons for massage and my clients greatly appreciate me for that. I work at a spa in Atlanta and I also do mobile massage which allows me to treat clients in the comfort of their own home. I am skilled in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Chair Massage, Sports, Pre Natal and Hot Stone. 

I first saw Dr. Dot on VH1 and was very intrigued with her story. The fact that someone could take their expertise (massage) and incorporate it with another passion (music) was awesome to me. Music is an outlet for me as well. It gives me an escape, energy or a sense of nostalgia depending on my mood and the song. Incorporating my craft as a Massage Therapist and my love for music is a win-win situation. I am elated to be a part of such a wonderful team as Dr. Dot’s. 

I look forward to working with you when you come to Atlanta and I’m available for tours as well.

24 Hour Massage service in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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Hi my name is Rose, I am a certified massage therapist and have been working as a massage therapist for six years. 

I have studied traditional chinese martial arts and calisthenics for many years which has given me a deeper understanding of body mechanics and has lead me to continue my studies in the healing arts. 

I graduated from massage therapy school in 2005 and have worked in pain management along side doctors and chiropractors; I also have luxury spa experience. My specialties include deep tissue, shiatsu, trigger point therapy, rain drop therapy, sports, reflexology, pre natal, and swedish massage. 

I look forward to helping align your body and energy so that you can go out there and rock out.

Massage in Kansas City


My name is Gracie, and I'm a LMT in the Kansas City area. I've grown up mostly in the midwest but I spent sometime in Hollywood, CA before deciding to come back to the midwest in Spring of '07.

I recieved my training in massage therapy while living in California and graduated a certified therapist in our Master Program at CHAC.

Living on the west coast enabled me to study various healing arts from Reiki, Oscillation, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Pre Natal, Pregnancy, Childrens to Hot and Cold Jade Stones. I was also able to gain experience working in various environments: physical therapy, medical day spa, charity events, chiropractic, high end clientale/personal training, massage on set … to name a few.

I've always had an affinity toward homopathetic ways of healing whether it be through touch or herbs. Growing up I was enlightened to this natural medicine due to my mother's own homeopathic background. To this day I remember seeing my mom make medicine out of rattle snake skin. lol

Not that that was a regular occurence to have rattlesnake skin laying around, it only happened once, but it left a lasting impression on me how something so outrageous could be used to help someone. She definately was always coming up with different elixirs as well as herbs, food one could benefit from.

She also knew Iridology. So as you can imagine growing up I grew more and more fascinated with this way of life. I do plan to continue my studies in the near future.

I'm interested in Holistic Health/Medicine Wheel, Spiritual Counseling, as well as Metaphysics. My focus has always been geared toward energy work.

I really enjoy doing bodywork, I find it to be cathardic to help someone replenish themselves and to share this is healing for me as well. Apart from my interest in this industry I do enjoy many other things like art, music!, traveling, cooking, writing. If you're looking for a therapist who will not only help you theraputically but also someone you could talk to, I'm your girl!

I am avaliable for incalls as well as outcalls πŸ™‚

Thanks a lot for taking out the time to read my Bio, I look forward to working with you. Email me: info@drdot.com  and put "Gracie/Kansas" in the subject line and it will reach me instantly.


Love and Light,