24 hour massage service San Francisco, California



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Muriel was born in Santa Monica, raised on the Central Coast of California and Bishop/Mammoth Lakes.

She attended college at San Francisco State University. While in junior college she had a full load of classes plus did dance performances and went to massage school. She has worked on as a massage therapist for over ten years in chiropractic offices, day spas, and as a in home massage therapist. She truly enjoys the pampering part of her job and pays attention to the details like heated table with lots of extra padding, heating pad to warm up key areas, tucking the sheets around the hands and feet, and a hot towel on the face.

Muriel is passionate about massage and individual health. Her massage is based in eastern philosophy, utilizing acupressure, shiatsu, and stretching. She likes to help people understand the basics in how the body functions and ways to improve that function. With her time working in doctor offices she has seen that movement, stretching and enjoyment make for a better life. She started making custom adult hula hoops as a way to get people into their bodies and laugh.

People have said a massage with Muriel is a spiritual experience, that they feel open and refreshed, and above all else they felt nurtured. She looks forward to working with those that have a high demand life and providing them with a relaxing experience.