Massaging the SCRIPT in NYC


 Obviously I didn't take this picture myself, I just borrowed it for my blog πŸ˜‰ 


 Singer ^ Danny O'Donaghue said he really enjoyed the Deep Tissue massage I gave him. He said it was "the best massage I've ever had in my life!". Not bragging, but I hear this from everyone I massage yet each time it still makes me feel happy, grateful and content. 


The Irish band The Script are in the USA on tour and have already been on the TV shows 'Ellen', 'MTV total request live' and 'The David Letterman show', all in one week! They are really on their way up to the top. I thought to myself, while in their company with all the buzz around them, this is what it may have felt like for the Beatles on their first ever US tour. Not to that extreme, but I could sense they are about to explode into the BIG time over here in the USA. They also spend most of their time in hotel rooms as they have been touring non stop for the last 2 years, which is really hard on a person. I toured a couple times with bands and it is HELL on the body. Irregular sleeping habits, eating habits, different beds every night, people around you wanting to party every day and night- and I can only imagine how hard it must be to always be away from friends and loved ones for touring artist. They must feel lonely in the hotel rooms. Everyone around them being overly friendly and kind, superficial, always wanting something from them. 

 (read their Biography  HERE )


During his 2 hour massage, his iTunes were on shuffle and lots of lovely music was coming out of it. A few songs that came on were completely new to me. They sounded great and the singer sounded a bit like Stevie Wonder. I asked him "who's this?" and he said, humbly "this is us". I was like WHAT!!???? They sound great! When I told a couple friends I was on my way to massage the Script on the first night, they told me "oh, the boy band from Ireland" – so I was expecting a Back Street Boy situation, you know, lots of dancing, rather tedious music but I was very pleasantly surprised to see them, hear them, meet them. My friends were wrong. They ARE a band from Ireland and they ARE male and do have thousands of screaming females at their shows but that is all they have in common with boy bands. They write ALL of their own lyrics and music, just three members in the band (as I said, the bassist is a touring bass player). They don't wear matching costumes on stage and/or dance like 'Dancing Fools', they are fantastic. They opened for Paul McCartney on one whole tour (ugh!! jealous!!). They all praised Paul and said how nice he was to them etc. Swoon. 

Guitarist Mark Sheehan got a massage from my assistant Michelle. I will give him a beating personally next time though πŸ™‚ haha


Fame is not as wonderful as one may think it. I have been around famous people most of my life and most seem trapped by their fame. Isolation and panic are always present. I feel for these folks. The least I can do is make them feel good with the best massage I can possibly give them. That is exactly what I did for the Script. I know they will never forget my hands of steel. The bassist was a bit afraid of my hands haha, as he heard how strong they were, but I showed him that I adjust my strength according to whom I am massaging and how their muscles feel to me. The bassist, Ben Sargeant , from the UK,  is a touring (and studio sometimes?) member for the band, not a core member. He is a sweety-pie too. They all are. In fact my fucking face hurt from laughing after being around them. 


Ben the bassist ^


They are all so down to earth and ALL have their heads on straight; no bullshit. They are very driven, honest, HUMBLE and just plain fucking NICE. They are fun, hilarious yet not sarcastic or mean (like some up and coming bands I have met in the past). They are NOT letting success go to their heads. None of them seem to have a vain bone in their body, just plain cool. Their Mom's did a good job raising these guys, that is for SURE. Their tour manager (not mentioning his name even though he is a close friend) keeps things running super smooth too, they are on a roll!



 Glen Power, the drummer ^ 




I really sound like a walking add now for the Script lol. If I didn't like them or if they were pricks to me I would surely write about it, but I only have nice things and thoughts about these guys.  I just have a feeling they will be the next U2. But not as Pompus as Bono, haha. Snap!

If they are heading to your area, check them out, then  you will see what I mean:


Nov 19 2009 Peoria Civic Center       Peoria, Illinois
Nov 20 2009 Horseshoe Southern Indiana     Elizabeth, Indiana
Nov 22 2009 Mercy              Nashville, Tennessee
Nov 23 2009 Tabernacle         Atlanta, Georgia 
Nov 24 2009 Saenger Theatre            Mobile, Alabama
Nov 27 2009 Mahaffey Theater         St. Petersburg, Florida
Nov 28 2009 Hard Rock Live            Orlando, Florida
Nov 29 2009 Nova Southeastern University              Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Dec 1 2009 The Fillmore        Charlotte, North Carolina
Dec 2 2009 Constant Convocation Center @ Old Dominion   Norfolk, Virginia
Dec 4 2009 House of Blues Boston, Massachusetts
Dec 5 2009 TLA       Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dec 6 2009 Terminal 5          New York, New York

MTV Music awards suck ass.

 The MTV Music awards make me sick.

They should call it the "MTV music RAP awards". CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Britney Spears looked amazing, but her lip syncing was  ridiculous. Paris has a new

hair do, that resembles the Golden Girls . Doh! 

“Be in my video” .. Dr. Dot in Stakka music video

First I want to say today has been one hell of a Monday. I woke up, looked at my text messages and got one from DEZ the guitarist of the Misfits (former Black Flag) which said “Hi Dotty, how are you?” and there was a photo of him in his scary gear, you know, white make up and dark eyes, wearing a hood, I was like OMG! LOL! What a thing to wake up to. Then he called to chat, he was about to go sound check in North Carolina. He is getting married soon and wants me to meet his woman. I will go to their Halloween show at BB Kings in NYC and finally meet her. Dez is wicked cool, you should read the blog I wrote about the Misfits and Dez a few months ago, you may grow to love him too. Click HERE to see that hilarious blog.

Then I went to a recording studio owned by my pal Michelangelo and his band called SUPERHERO. They helped me lay 5 tracks down for a just for shits and grins demo cd. I did 'Dirty Deeds', 'Highway to Hell', 'Black Dog', 'Old time Rock and Roll'(don't think Tom gay fucking Cruise please, think Bob kick ass Seger!), 'I Feel Good' (James Brown), and 'Rock and Roll (Led Zep). Took ages but it's done and sounds great. If I can figure out how to get the bastard online, I will share it with you. I have no voice now lol!

It has taken two years, but finally the MTV headed music video I took part in is finally done. The director sent me the link today. The artist is called STAKKA (real name is Shaun Morris) and he is a Drum & Bass star in his native UK (he lives in Brooklyn but is from England). The song is called 'Mars Attacks' and it is pretty good even though I don't like that type of music, it sounds cool! Click HERE to read more about STAKKA.

I play his girlfriend and you will first see me in the middle of the video wearing a officers hat in the office and then talking to him on the phone then at the end I rub his chest and walk with STAKKA then kiss him. The concept is, aliens are taking over the USA and Stakka saves the day…

It should air soon on MTV internationally.