Pictures of Berlin, Aug. 2010

I am here, for a couple more weeks, enjoying my flat, loved ones and German bread. Best to follow me on twitter if you want to read more, as I don't have time to blog so much anymore (LOVE my blog just mad busy). I am on Twitter:dr_dot


 U-bahnhof (subway stop) Rathaus Schoeneberg ^


 Ruedesheimer platz 


Ruedesheimer platz 

Older German woman enjoying the moment, as we all should ^

 I filmed with VOX TV's show "Mieten, Wohnen, Kaufen" all over Berlin. This is in Pankow. GORGEOUS area. My episode will air in 5 weeks (late Sept). 

The day I landed from NYC I auditioned Denise for my massage team. EVERYONE must pass the audition to be part of my massage team. She passed. Her hands are amazing. Only 23 years old, strong as HELL. Well educated in massage and very well mannered. I am lucky to have her.  

View from top of Kreuzberg park (Viktoria park) 



Great to be back in Kreuzberg. Those sill Germans.