So many Dot Bots in one place at the same time=Massage Heaven

Had a staff meeting amongst a few Dot Bots yesterday; we were filming a TV sizzler (google it). SO amazing to have them all around.  



From left to right:

Pattie from Philly, Lars from Philly (originally from Sweden), Jennifer from Brooklyn, Jessica from Boston, Mimi from Brighton Beach, NY (originally from Togo Africa), Crystal from Southern NJ (in Pink shirt), Allison from Long Island, NY (bottom right hand corner 🙂

It was a BLAST! Not seen: Nicole from NJ (she was being interviewed at the time) and me (I took the photo :). NJ Dot Bot Pam came later after she returned from massaging Lady Gaga backstage at Madison Square Gardens and NJ Chiro, Dr Russ who was also backstage giving adjustments for the Lady Gaga entourage.