Feels like the first time…

I have not eating a hamburger or any red meat since I was ten years old. Saw a family kill a chicken for soup in PA and it scarred me for life (or so I thought). From age 10 until about ten years ago, I was a strict Vegetarian. Ten years ago one of my best friends Satu convinced me I need to at least eat Chicken sometimes for the protein. So I have been eating it since then, like once a month. But I am SO fucking tired all of the time and feel hung over even though I don't drink or smoke. NOT fair! I don't even drink coffee anymore, just organic green tea. STILL, not well.


I have been to two different acupuncturist (one in NYC and one in Berlin) and they both told me the same thing, I NEED to eat red meat once in a while. So, I gave in and put  my moral animal loving ways aside last night and finally had a burger. It tasted like heaven on earth. I could feel my body inhaling it, like it was famished for it. Going to sleep now and I will see if it makes a difference as I really have a major sleep disorder and it is ruining my life. So we shall see if it helps somehow. If I feel more energized when I wake up. 


I would REALLY like to hear your opinion about meat vs vegetarianism etc. Everyone tells me something different so I am very on the fence about this.


Waiter was as dumb as a rock. Told him I wanted a wheat bun, he brings white. Then he vanishes with burger, bun, slaw and pickel for like what seemed 20 minutes (me- starving and indecisive which made it seem longer and worse). He comes back with wheat bun minus pickle and coleslaw. I am surrounded by idiots. HELP.