Massage in Venice Beach, Los Angeles California

My name is Leanna, and I am a massage therapist and a musician based out of Venice Beach, California (Los Angeles area). I have been giving relaxing and healing massages since I was a child (my mom, who has an amazing touch, taught me, and from then on, I started massaging my family and friends). After going to school at Chapman University for music, I attended CalCopa Massage Therapy School in Huntington Beach to learn more about the healing arts. I continue to develop this passion through practice and experience, developing a following of clients who constantly say that my work is “the best massage they’ve ever had.” I will relax and restore your body from head to toe while gracefully alleviating shoulder, neck, back, hip, arm, and every other muscle pain you can think of. Many clients come to me for chronic pain, as my strong hands can find knots and work them out. I give my clients what their bodies want and need: a completely restored, pain-free, relaxed body – thus creating more capability for creativity.

I heard about Dr. Dot when I was in my first band in High School. Since I was playing or thinking about music most of the time, I was often around musicians. I have always had a passion for massage, and I would always be the one giving back massages, doing neck stretches, arm and hand massages, etc., because I understand the areas that musicians need most, being one myself. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine from a San Francisco band told me about Dr. Dot, and I visited her website for more information. Dr. Dot’s story was inspiring to me, as I have often thought about finding a way to connect my two greatest passions, music and massage (which I believe are both forms of healing, expression, and art). The opportunity to be a part of Dr. Dot’s team is something I have been looking forward to for years!

My specialties:
Deep Tissue
Swedish Massage: can be relaxing and deep, OR relaxing and light, if you prefer
Hot Stone Massage: massage done with warm stones in the palms of my hands—can be light or deep—great for cold weather!
Trigger Point Therapy: finding those knots that hurt when you press down on them and getting rid of that pain! Trigger points are usually found in the neck and shoulders and cause back, neck, arm and hand pain
Thai Massage: involves lots of yoga stretches/positions—great for alleviating leg and hip pain
Shiatsu: Japanese form of massage that uses acupressure and follows the meridians of the body—also incorporates hand/foot reflexology
My style combines all of these techniques to create one amazing massage, completely unique and specific to YOU. You won’t be disappointed if you hire me!

I am available for tours. Email me: and put "Leanna/LA" in subject line and it will reach me instantly ๐Ÿ™‚