Happy Holidays (even though I’m a total grinch :)

Heard on the BBC today that Christmas and the gift giving drama has only been going on about 150 years. Started in Germany actually. Now that my kid is old enough to know it's all a media hype, we both just use this time to relax and enjoy the calm. Of course I give her a few things, like iTunes credit and a gift certificate to a Yoga course, but no tree, no gift wrapping, no stress. LOVES IT!









It was lovely to hear ALL of the Church bells go off at once at 6pm here in Berlin, sounded cool…






Happy Thanksgiving

Will spend Turkey Day here in they city but will fly this weekend to Berlin for 2 months. Hope to go to the UK while over there and work a few shows, see Liverpool again and visit some friends.

Turn up your speakers and listen to Arlo Guthrie's classic Thanksgiving Day anthem, Alice's Restaurant, it's a tradition..

Click HERE to hear it.


The Happy Mondays still got it


It was such a BLAST hanging out with the Happy Mondays again. Shaun is the sweetest artist ever. On their night off in NYC we went out to karaoke (my idea πŸ™‚ and Shaun sang "Ring of Fire" with me (he wanted to do Dean Martin -Memories.. but DJ didn't have it, AND Frank Sinatra "Something Stupid" with me, but again, didn't have it). So he and I did Ring of Fire together and we did not do it justice, I have to say. haha,  BUT it was fun sucking at a song with him. hahaha. He only did it cause I pleaded for him to do it, so don't think he is a karaoke fan, he is just up for a good laugh and that's why everyone loves Shaun. 


Shaun Ryder ^ me and tour manager John at Nevada Smith's Irish bar 


The man has it ^  Hard to describe, but he is so charming it's unreal.  And he will make you laugh non-stop as well. Swoon.

Chrissi came along and belted out several tunes too. Jonesy was there too but no pics of him πŸ™



Andy, the Smiths guitarists (good mate of Shaun's) was also in tow. (he did NOT sing karaoke πŸ™‚



Some soul sista's wanted in on the picture action 

Fat Bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round! (to the far right is Olay, mate of Andy's)



 The night of the show I was not working massages, just hanging out and raising hell. FUN!!

 John (tour manager) and I backstage at the Roseland Ballroom



The band was tight!!! ^

The Happy Mondays on tour again (playing in NYC this Friday)

My old pals the Happy Mondays are back and I love them more than ever. Check them out on tour:


Oct 9 2009           Roseland Ballroom                           New York, New York

Oct 10 2009         House of Blues                  Boston, Massachusetts

Oct 12 2009         Newport Music Hall                        Columbus, Ohio

Oct 13 2009         Royal Oak Music Theatre                              Detriot, Michigan
Oct 14 2009         Koolhaus                             Toronto, Ontario
Oct 15 2009         Olympia de Montreal                     Montreal, Quebec


What happened to the band ‘Happy Head’? I love their song “Baby USA”

a tiny piece of america
nearly blew me apart
driving on the wrong side
of my english heart
i found myself caught in mid-stream
i had a dream of a brand-new start

phone lines lie across the atlantic
i guess it's time to fly trans-romantic

are you lonesome Baby usa?
i heard you cry 3,000 miles away
go west young man you said
and i was on my way
don't shoot-i love you baby usa

once upon a time my world
was an open book
the pages turned but i stayed put
now like a pilgrim on
plymouth sound
i'm america bound hand and foot

that's the pull of love's

a continental drift in my direction
a yellow cab from here to eternity
a fifty-floor building points
to all things heavenly
down the roots of high anxiety
there's just another story
from the naked city

don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa
don't shoot-i love you baby usa


Lyrics by Happy Head

Happy New Year

"Give me my freedom for as long as I be.
All I ask of living is to have no chains on me.
All I ask of living is to have no chains on me,
And all I ask of dying is to go naturally.
Oh I want to go naturally."

Blood Sweat and Tears


Happy Independence Day

The 4th of July and Thanksgiving are the hardest days for an American living in Berlin (or anywhere in Europe for that matter) because no one gives a FUCK about those two holidays anywhere but America. Yanks tend to flock together on those two Holidays whilst abroad. It's pissing down cold rain today through a very gray sky and although Motorhead is playing (at an outside gig) tonight, I will probably just avoid too many outdoor activities "When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads, ya might as well be dead, when the rain comes, when the raaaaaaaaaain comes".

I have an interview with a journalist for German VOGUE anyways and would rather just sit with her over a cup of tea in one of hundreds of lovely cafes around my area after I have a well sheltered jog (hat, rain coat, etc). The Hard Rock Cafe is always fun on the 4th and Turkey day, but oh, so many tourist cram in there.. No barbeque's going on that I know of, sigh. Wish I was floating down the Chattanooga River in Georgia in a big inflated tire tube sipping a beverage with the Leckners in the Sun. THAT is my idea of a good 4th of July.